Press Release

August 31st, 2016
Episerver acquires omnichannel personalization vendor Peerius

The move adds Peerius’ industry-leading smart personalization technology to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™, resulting in the most comprehensive digital experience platform in the cloud today.

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Epi CMS & Marketing

The most productive platform you have ever seen.

Your CMS and marketing platform is only as powerful as the people who use it. To have the greatest effect, your tools need to help you automatically optimize and personalize the digital experience.

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Epi Digital Commerce

Amazing buying experiences, created with ease.

Great buying experiences are built around using engaging content to highlight products. Take control of the customer experience with a commerce platform that has built-in content and digital marketing capabilities.

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Epi Personalization

No-rules personalization: More intelligence, less work.

Organizations that personalize their digital experiences outsell those who don’t. Episerver’s autonomous content and product personalization makes your site more intelligent, wihout the manual effort.

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