Conversion optimization

Optimize your e-commerce site

Our solution helps you maximize your revenue and minimize costs. With Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™, you can quickly find conversion bottlenecks, increase engagement and promote the right products.


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Improve results and performance

It used to take a lot of time to optimize campaigns, landing pages and product presentations. Our cloud platform now enables you to work smarter and faster to drive more sales. You can:

  • 1
    Get an instant view of how effective your experience is by performing A/B tests on pages, products, promotions, text and design elements. You can set a single goal or group several goals into one campaign to get a complete view of their performance.
  • 2
    Improve SEO with SEO insights that are built into every page, and get real-time advice to improve your search ranking and ensure your content is always optimized for the targeted keywords that you create.
  • 3
    Improve paid search conversions and organic search placement with automatic landing pages that creates contextual listings with a combination of brands, product types, and other product properties, with the ability to add editorial information to any landing page.

The platform has a self-optimizing multivariate testing feature that intelligently learns which content or feature block works best with your customer segments, and automatically displays that more often to help you improve performance over time.

Better collaboration

Digital commerce is not only about the opportunity to grow revenue, scale up and expand into new markets – it is also about streamlining operations. With our solution, you can:

  • 1
    Delegate responsibilities to create and edit local campaigns, promotions and product content to different teams and markets, with fine-grained access control.
  • 2
    Increase collaboration between marketing and e-commerce management by integrating content management, product management and campaign management and optimization in the same seamless interface. This allows them to focus more on the customer experience.
  • 3
    Support contact center operations with features for new orders and returns, centralized customer profiles and order history.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ has been proven to increase operational efficiencies drastically. It reduces time spent on product management, merchandizing and running campaigns, by efficiently supporting internal operations, and by connecting into all back-end business systems.