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The Future of E-Commerce is Content

In today’s hyper-competitive world, content is now critical for driving e-commerce success beyond price and earn loyalty. With EPiServer Commerce, you get the best-in-class multichannel content and commerce solution to create instant, targeted campaigns, with all the tools you need to personalize and optimize your offer.

It means you can sell more, faster, and with less effort.


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Quick launch content and commerce campaign


EPiServer Commerce is designed for agile marketers who need to quickly respond to market changes and launch targeted campaigns. The platform’s web-based drag-and-drop interface makes combining content and product merchandise easy, so you can drive more sales quicker.

Creating a new campaign has never been easier with flexible design and layout control. Drag and drop the content, editorial and product range into places and let it automatically optimized for the page and across PC, mobile and tablet.

You can also do more with less by creating a block of content or product information page once and reuse it across multiple pages, sites and channels to further speed your time to market.

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Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalized content is key to increasing conversions. Customers don't just want unique experience, they expect it. With EPiServer Commerce, we've made it simple to deliver the right message to the right audiences with Visitor Groups.

By customer, market and channel: Create highly targeted promotions based on demographics, locations, purchase history, behavioral data, device and much more.

By social media: Social networks are not made equal and serve different purposes. Use a single interface to personalize content by social channel and share it across Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

By email marketing automation: Connect the cross channel customer experience. Leverage EPiServer and marketing automation to obtain a single customer view and personalize your content from web to email and back again.

And you can preview the experience for each Visitor Group and be in control of your customer point of view.

Optimize conversion rates

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be a chore without the right tools. EPiServer Commerce gives you the tools to test and measure your site performance, and use these insights to drive more sales continuously.

  • 1
    Automate content optimization: The self-optimizing multivariate testing feature intelligently learns which content block works best with your customer segments and automatically displays that content more often to help you improve performance over time.
  • 2
    Test and measure how you want: Perform A/B testing on pages, text and design elements to get an instant view of how the content performs. You can set a single goal or group several goals into one campaign to get a complete view of their performance.
  • 3
    Simplify SEO effort: We build SEO insights into every page and provide real-time advice to improve your search ranking, ensuring your content is always optimized for targeted keywords as you create.

Speed conversion paths with search relevance

A search query gives you valuable information about your customer’s buying intent so presenting the most relevant search results based on these insights will dramatically improve your site performance. Yet providing relevant, SEO optimized content and product landing pages for every search query, with speed, has up until now been a laborious task.

With advanced tagging and faceting technology, you can now turn any number of search queries into highly relevant landing pages, setting your content and product information free from rigid site structure and presenting a personalized experience based on your visitors’ search behaviour. The innovative search tecnology helps your businesses achieve this by increasing relevance and carefully guiding customers to the product or piece of content that aligns with what they need. It also recommend related content and product pages automatically to maximize the basket value and chances for conversion. 

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Customer Spotlight: Ian is happy!


Ian Wright, CIO at Australian retailing group Fusion Retail Brands, is smiling about their 160% online sales increase and nearly doubled conversion rate deriving from their four brands integrated EPiServer Commerce site.

“Having four sites integrated into one e-commerce solution is like having four stores in the high street, with an option to shop in all of them at once,” Ian says.


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