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Total coverage

For website owners who outsource the operation of their websites, EPiServer Everweb offers a complete operational environment designed to optimize the uptime of EPiServer-based websites.

Unlike hosting farms, EPiServer Everweb takes responsibility for the whole web environment including EPiServer solutions. Nobody can do this better.

Outsourcing website operation has become common as the dynamic nature of the web accelerates. The requirements and processes for internal information systems can be significantly different from websites. Web content and features require quick and frequent updates to remain engaging. These differing requirements can make outsourcing an attractive alternative when internal IT departments face constraints due to internal systems.

EPiServer Everweb combines its knowledge of web operations, a relationship with the development partner, and exclusive insight into the operation of EPiServer software to keep the site available to visitors at all times, with advanced monitoring at the granular level of page availability.

Typical outsourced web hosting:

  • Only monitors infrastructure
  • Failure to view pages is only known by visitors
  • Requires your involvement to resolve problems above the infrastructure

EPiServer Everweb:

  • Monitors all components of web delivery
  • Monitoring at website level to identify issues before visitor experiences failure
  • Quick resolution to issues because EPiServer knows the web apps and the development partner