JavaScript Software Engineer - Stockholm, Sweden

You will join the CMS UI/Framework team based in the centrally located Stockholm office, developing an extensible framework for our products as well as a sleek, easy to use, UI for Episerver CMS. The team is composed of ten highly skilled developers that discuss and share the responsibility for the architecture design, as well as technologies chosen.

The result of your work will be used by thousands of customers and a developer community of more than 30,000 developers who build market leading digital marketing and e-commerce sites on our platform.

With a weekly release cycle that allows thousands of installations to update immediately. We are looking for someone who finds writing tests as natural as writing the actual code.

You want to be part of a highly experienced and successful team of developers who like to collaborate and enjoy working together for a global and multicultural company.

You feel very confident at working in an agile development environment with frequent releases of multiple product components. You have a keen interest in learning about the latest front-line technology within software development.



In order to succeed in the role you need:
· Proven experience in building large scale single-page JavaScript applications.
· Experience from server side web technology stack, preferably ASP.NET
· TDD and Agile Development Practices.

It would also be great if you have knowledge of Episerver CMS or other web content management system

Finally, to succeed, the role requires that you have a strong drive to learn and constantly improve.

If you think you have what it takes, send your resume to

Posted: 3/1/17