Connect for SharePoint

With EPiServer Connect for SharePoint you can easily bring assets from SharePoint online and engage website visitors through the connection with EPiServer 7 CMS.

EPiServer Connect for SharePoint

EPiServer Connect for SharePoint is an add-on that integrates SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007 with EPiServer 7 CMS, helping you make the most out of both solutions and bring your SharePoint assets into the web experience world!

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Leveraging Sharepoint Assets

The connector allows you to efficiently bring your business-critical SharePoint assets online in real-time. Publish content from your SharePoint collaboration platform to your website by adding the asset to a SharePoint folder. It will automatically publish to your website and can also be shared in social channels. EPiServer 7 CMS will ensure that the content is put into the right context for maximum impact and that it looks good across screens, both on the desktop and mobile devices. The connector streamlines enterprise document management efforts by ensuring that you always have the latest version of the SharePoint documents online, without duplicating copies.

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Optimizing SharePoint content through analytics insights

EPiServer 7 CMS allows you to get valuable insight into how your Sharepoint content performs so that you can optimize to improve results. It allows marketers to see real-time analytics on the page being worked on, and to use this information to optimize the content instantly to increase traffic and conversion rates. Through A/B and multivariant testing, you can get invaluable insights into how the content performs and optimize further. The connector allows you to push information back to SharePoint from EPiServer 7 CMS, which shortens the time it takes to improve content. In addition, the solution shows analytics information on the effectiveness of strategies and tactics such as personalization or social sharing.

Moving from internal collaboration to online marketing results

You need to understand how an asset in SharePoint is converting (or driving conversions), so you need to measure and optimize it to meet the needs of your target audience. Here's how you can achieve that

  • You are collaborating with your peers on a new white paper in SharePoint by the use of the tight office integration, social features and workflows.
  • When ready, it's made available automatically in EPiServer 7 CMS.
  • Marketers or content owners create a great landing page on the external site for the white paper and customers can access it across multiple touchpoints.
  • After A/B testing the landing page, insights come back that a particular title and graphic drives more downloads than the others.
  • The white paper is then updated in SharePoint and a new version is created  and automatcially available on the landing page.

Technical information

Download Connect for SharePoint product brochure (PDF)

Add-on: EPiServer Connect for Sharepoint

Requirements: EPiServer 7.1 or earlier, Sharepoint 2007, 2010 or 2013

Installation: Installs into EPiServer and Sharepoint

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