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Episerver Mail is designed specifically for marketers who want to drive traffic back to their site, generate leads and increase conversions.

E-mail marketing delivers high response rates, drives website traffic and increases brand awareness. To stay foremost in your customers' minds, you must maintain a steady stream of personalized communication with them.

Increase your e-mail open and click-through rates with personalized content

Studies have shown that personalizing your e-mail messages can improve your open and click-through rates. With Episerver Mail, you can create messages for specific segments of your list and customize the content based on their locations, interests or needs. 

Track and measure your results

Episerver Mail gives you real-time statistics so you can see who opens your e-mails, clicks your links or opts out. You can even see the actions visitors take once they arrive on your website. These detailed, yet easy-to-understand, statistics allow you to refine your marketing message and improve your results. 

Take control of your e-mail marketing

With Episerver Mail, you get complete control over how each message looks and functions. You can create branded templates and easily upload a variety of content to engage your readers, including images, videos and forms. 

Integrate e-mail marketing with your CRM

One of the biggest benefits of Episerver Mail is the ability to integrate it with your existing CRM platform. For example, you can send a targeted message to a group in your CRM or your online community.

Save time and resources by reusing content

Episerver Mail integrates with Episerver CMS, so you can create content in your CMS and reuse it across multiple channels. This allows you to reduce your editing time, improve your content’s quality and maintain brand consistency. Since Episerver Mail is a web-based service, you can send e-mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Plus, there’s no need for you to use your internal servers to store your data. We encrypt all data and keep it safe on our global servers.

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