Digital Experience Hub

Deliver digital experiences that drive results

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ is the end-to-end platform that lets you create rich digital experiences, no integration required. This is made possible by the Digital Experience Hub, offering pre-built connectors to leading marketing automation and analytics platforms and an extensive Add-on Store.

The Episerver Digital Experience Hub (DXH) provides pre-built connectors into leading enterprise applications – to help marketers customize and personalize the site visitor's experience.

Site visitors benefit from a consistent message, as marketers and merchandizers can now use all of the customer data and intelligence spread across these applications, resulting in more meaningful conversations and increased customer experience.

By unifying the many silos of data from your many marketing systems, Episerver enables marketers and merchandizers to develop a 360 degree view of the customer and use that insight to tailor every digital experience.

The Digital Experience Hub is also the foundation for Episerver’s extensive Add-on Store – verified third-party add-ons that instantly give added functionality to your Episerver Solution.

“Episerver's offering has a very intuitive user interface and a rich set of functional capabilities. The introduction of its ‘Add-on’ program will further enable it to interoperate with external systems and components.” — Noted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, October 2014

”Be wary of vendors that promise a big-bang solution; they are more interested in selling you all the components of their suites than they are in helping you leverage what you already own.” — Noted in Forrester's Harnessing the Convergence of Customer Experience Management Solutions

Generate high-quality leads and close more sales

As marketers, you have spent lots of time ramping up email capabilities, building great website content and targeting your visitors with the CRM. But all this technology exists as independent islands. Now is the time to pull it together.

  • Personalize the website experience based on attributes in your marketing automation system
  • Send an email campaign and re-target the same message on the website
  • Connect Episerver forms to marketing automation systems
  • Supported connectors to Salesforce Sales Cloud (formerly Pardot), Oracle Eloqua, Silverpop, Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget)

Integrated Personalization Across Channels

Offering a personalized experience for the duration of the customer journey is a key component of a successful and effective online and offline presence. Episerver Digital Experience Hub orchestrates efforts in real-time, and unifies your visitor profiling for email, web, mobile, apps and point-of-sale. This is how it works:

  • 1
    Create a segment in Episerver's segment builder, using properties such as score, market or interest from your existing marketing automation solution.
  • 2
    Episerver uses all your existing contacts within your marketing automation solution to profile visitors, and automatically adds and enriches contacts with behavior data from the web site.
  • 3
    Add personalized content directly on the page to target your new segment.

Capture, personalize and analyze, from ‘Nice to meet you’ to ‘Thank you for your purchase’

You have all your contacts, your opportunities and your accounts in your CRM. Isn’t it time to keep the leads and their web activity in there too? And given everything you know about your customers, wouldn't you want to engage them by tailoring their web experience? Digital Experience Hub and the connectors to CRM and Analytics make this a reality.

  • Capture leads as part of your CRM workflow – immediately alert marketing and sales staff on ongoing activity and provide sales insight, and personalize the website by matching the right content, offer, or promotion to a visitor based on any CRM attribute

  • Analyze visitor behavior and conversion patterns from within the page in Episerver, with statistics for all your visitor segments to effectively target and convert customers

  • Supported connectors to, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Google Universal Analytics