Digital Marketing

You do the creative, we’ll do the rest

Episerver's solutions will help you give your customers the seamless, multichannel experiences they expect, everywhere they engage with you.

Self-optimizing landing pages. Always mobile friendly.

Use our experience editor to effortlessly create landing pages with any layout you want, while adhering to brand guidelines. If you are working on a campaign site, you can reuse content blocks from other sites and just drag them into your landing page.

  • 1
    Drag and drop content, buttons, forms and any type of media to build landing pages just the way you want them.
  • 2
    Personalize your landing pages so that specific visitor segments will receive tailored messages.
  • 3
    Once published, use A/B and multivariate testing to find out what is really driving conversions. Revisit your landing pages and tweak the experience where needed, or set up several versions of blocks from the beginning and let them self-optimize over time, to show the combination most likely to entice action.

Campaign Management & Analytics

Deliver the right message to the right visitor

With our powerful personalization manager, you can tailor content for your visitors and present contextualized information that is relevant to their demographics, purchase history, interests and the ways in which they interact with your content.

In a world of constant connectivity, marketers are faced with a novel opportunity to connect with consumers on the move. In Episerver you can add context as a dimension when creating experiences. This way you can surface tailored information for specific visitor groups, such as those who happen to be within a certain distance from your store.

Persona Management & Personalization

Social Media: All channels in a single repository

Episerver empowers you to add the channels your organization uses most and instantly see how it will look in social media, e-mail, print and so on. If you don't like what you see, edit the experience right there and then. 

  • 1
    Update your site, and share those updates with your social networks immediately or schedule it for later.
  • 2
    Create channel-specific content strategies to interact with users in the most effective way for each channel.
  • 3
    Easily set up additional channels and views as new devices and channels emerge. This way marketers and editors can always work directly in all relevant channels.

Social Media Communication

We’ve got your back

Everyone can use a helping hand. Our support team knows what it takes to develop great digital experiences, and we will get you on your way in no time. Add to that great documentation, a fluent .NET API, and easy-to-use templates, and you will always have your back covered.

We also provide training and expert services to help you get the most out of your products – not only when it comes to the technical details, but also best practices to create extraordinary online experiences.

What are the results? We have the highest customer satisfaction rating, and thousands of customers depend on our services to get higher conversion rates, improve customer service and increase operational efficiency.

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