Social Media Communication

Sharing updates in one place

Earning your customers' trust through social media is a smart strategy. But managing and coordinating a social presence can use up valuable time and energy.

So how can you get more from your social activity while doing less?


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Push content to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

We see social activity as a natural extension to customer-first thinking. So we built in the tools you need to reach socially-focused customers and personalize your communications to them wherever they are. Skip multiple logins and update all channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, within the same interface.

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    Update your site, and share those updates with your social networks immediately or schedule it for later.
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    Create tailored and personalized messages to maximize the effectiveness of your social communication.

Drive traffic and increase conversion rates

Episerver allows marketers to communicate efficiently and consistently across social networks. By enabling you to use a single interface to tailor socialized and personalized content across multiple social channels and removing the boundaries between the site and public social networks, we help you maximize the value of social media marketing through increased traffic and conversion rates.

Instantly see the results of your social marketing efforts

Episerver features real-time campaign analytics to track channel-specific measurements such as retweets, comments and likes. It also supports Google Analytics to track your website's overall conversions and reveal the ROI of social media communications.

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    See the total engagement for a particular post, as well as clicks, comments and retweets.
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    Tie your social media communication to Google Analytics and configure your Episerver dashboard to show social ROI.

Transform your website into a social hub

Episerver Relate is an add-on to Episerver which gives you a complete social platform on top of your website. This allows you to turn a site into a thriving community.

Add-on Store: Episerver Relate