Features and benefits for digital commerce

Episerver provides a lot of features for running a large ecommerce solution. These are some of the more important ones.

  • Campaign Management & Merchandizing

    Campaigns can be focused on discounts while using specific criteria to control the status and targeting of customer segments. This helps you manage and organize marketing activities and measure campaign goals.

  • Content Marketing

    An integrated solution of CMS and commerce enables retailers to improve business results through targeted, on-brand communication that increases conversions.

  • Catalog Management

    Episerver’s features for catalog management enable you to re-use content and images across catalogs, stores, and sites, so that you can better meet consumer expectations.

  • Product Search

    Helping your customers find the products most relevant to them - with the ability to quickly filter, sort and search - gives them a better experience.

  • A/B Testing

    Episerver’s A/B testing provides a guided testing experience for the commerce marketer so that the most effective messaging and product information is presented to website visitors.


    Your commerce site is not an island. Thanks to Episerver’s service architecture and easy to use REST API, integrations to frontend apps and backend systems are quick and hassle-free.

  • Order Management

    Episerver offers sophisticated and extensible order management capabilities. Whether you want all the necessary features self-contained, or you need to apply integrations for select functions, our order management platform can meet your needs.

  • Marketing Automation

    Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation and CRM provides a complete solution for digital commerce managers who want to combine the power of the Episerver’s commerce platform with industry-leading marketing platforms.

  • Personalization

    Episerver collects and aggregates personal and behavioral data to help you build a clearer picture of your customers, and then engage them with an optimal individual buying experience.

  • Global Commerce

    Our connected world ensures that commerce is always global. Businesses of all sizes can now reach and supply customers everywhere. Episerver handles the challenges, so you can focus on the opportunities.

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