Optimize conversions with guided A/B testing

Now digital commerce managers can easily test and monitor the performance of content, whether it is an individual item or an entire page. Episerver’s A/B testing provides a guided testing experience for the commerce marketer so that the most effective messaging and product information is presented to website visitors.

Integrated A/B testing for powerful conversion optimization

Seamlessly integrated into Episerver Commerce, the feature for A/B testing conversion optimization streamlines the content production process. Testing helps you quickly identify the most effective content, so you can effortlessly improve the brand and user experience.

Because the feature is fully integrated into the commerce platform, digital commerce managers no longer need to hire outside agencies or purchase external products to find optimal content.

  • Integrated within Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.
  • Flexible testing options and conversion tracking.
  • Guided test setup.


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Episerver Digital Commerce

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Benefits of Episerver’s A/B testing

  • Guided setup

    Guided setup makes it easy for the digital commerce manager to implement A/B tests and monitor results.

  • No external tools needed

    No need for outside tools, fully integrated within the Episerver Commerce platform.

  • Test anything

    Flexible testing options allow for testing at the page, product or block level.