How can I easily change the design on my website?

As a marketing or communications professional it's important for you to have control over how your website looks and functions. However, sometimes you may feel constrained by your technical know-how.

Do you need to find a web developer every time you want to modify a landing page? This can be frustrating and slows down the turnaround time of your campaigns.

That's why Episerver developed Episerver 7 CMS. With Episerver 7 CMS, the focus is on managing content without any boundaries, and creating maximum impact. Small content blocks, like banners, maps and teasers, make it easy for web editors to work with content, as they can simply drag and drop the blocks into place. Autosave make sure you don't lose any work.

You can now update your content easily, add features, tweak your landing pages and create page templates – without the need for any technical knowledge or staff. The .NET CMS platform also lends support for search engine optimization and can help you optimize your content as you create it. 

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