Tear down the walls

This issue of Engage focuses on user experience. How can you help visitors on your site find what they want as quickly as possible?

When developing the new Episerver 7 CMS, we've placed user experience at the center of our redesigned interface.

With Episerver 7 CMS your content is automatically adapted for all screens – from websites to smartphones. And by using blocks of content, edits in one place automatically update across all related pages and channels. Now more than ever you can focus on what's important: the message. At last you can stop worrying about how content will look on different screens and whether or not it will follow brand guidelines. It will always look great.

We've torn down the walls so you and your content can run free.

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 Google glasses and the internet futureGoogle glasses and the internet's future, page 16




User experience design User experience  design and you, page 10



Snoop Dogg likes SoundCloudWhy Snoop Dogg likes SoundCloud, page 6

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