How do I develop a mobile strategy?

In a recent study we look into what mobile devices British consumers own and how they engage with brands via these devices. The report gives an overview of all the findings as well as insights into how marketers are handling the challenge of mobility.

Learn more what consumers wants and develop a mobile strategy

When we asked about the ownership of mobile devices, the majority of UK consumers (59%) now own a smartphone, and 18% own a tablet device.

The internet is clearly one of the main ways consumers are using these devices. Almost three-quarters of consumers that have a mobile device (73%) said they have accessed a website on it in the last 12 months, 67% have used an app. In addition, when asked about what they are doing on these sites, 33% said they had made a purchase using a website on a mobile device in the last year, while 26% had done so through a mobile app.

Overall the surge in mobile internet usage, and the fact that consumers are using the mobile web to transact shows a further maturing of the industry and a willingness by consumers to take mobile functionality to the next level. Learning more about what consumers want from mobile devices will enable you to develop a mobile strategy that is geared to success.

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