QBank - DAM

QBank is a web-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software that offers a wide range of features, including powerful search capabilities, metadata structures, rights management, responsive websites and comprehensive customizing options.

Digital Asset Management

Managing all your digital assets can be difficult and time-consuming without a proper solution. QBank enables your company to store all images, videos and documents in one place, and publish them in various channels such as web, intranet, social media and also printed material. It provides structure and enables consistent brand communication. And it can be customized for your specific communication needs. 

QBank Connector to Episerver CMS

This is the third generation Episerver connector for QBank. The most substantial features in this update include automatic support for responsive websites. The built-in support for cropping and resizing images and videos ensures a flexible and powerful tool for editors. And the open API that makes it easy for the developers to work with QBank.


File Management Integration

The QBank connector is integrated with the media handler in Episerver CMS 7.5. Assets stored in QBank can be published from within Episerver, either in the TinyMCE editor or as a separate image property.

 Users of Episerver CMS can search for assets in QBank and drag them directly into webpages. QBank is fully integrated which makes it possible to use all built-in media functions such as image tagging, scaling, resizing, etc. This also works for videos, which can be streamed directly from the QBank CDN or an external source like Episerver Cloud, Amazon or Akamai.

The selection of your assets is made in the same interface where you usually add and manage media. The connector also supports usage with multiple websites.


Switching between Episerver, QBank or some other hosting of your digital assets is easy.

Other benefits

Manage all your digital assets in a centralized database – QBank Supports all types of files Compatible with other platforms through connectors (PIM, CMS, Sharepoint, Office, ERP, etc.)

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