Content Collaboration for Episerver CMS

The Episerver Content Collaboration add-on gives editors and marketers the opportunity to collaborate around content in an efficient way, directly within the Episerver experience editor.

Produce better content faster, with less effort

A typical challenge in content management is how to get content contributors to collaborate around the creation and maintenance of content. Most medium-sied businesses might have 5-10 full time content editors or merchandizers, and somewhere between 200-500 occasional editors – and larger enterprises far more. Often, these content producers are far apart, in different countries and time zones.

By making sure all stakeholders can work together using comments, to-dos and notifications in real-time inside Episerver, this add-on makes simplifies and enhances communication around content and products from your organization, as well as making sure it hits the market quicker than before.

No more mailing of Word documents, or searching for the last version

The new Episerver Content Collaboration add-on is the perfect antidote for organizations that are currently copying and pasting content into Word documents and then circulating them for collaboration – a practice that is both cumbersome and error-prone.

For organizations that rely on strict workflows but has seen that it becomes too rigid and time consuming, this add-on provides you with a great alternative. Without letting go of the quality enhancement, you will become more nimble and efficient in the way you produce content and product communication that delivers results. 

Feedback, to-dos and notifications in real-time

Upon installing the Content Collaboration add-on from the add-on store of your Episerver instance, a side bar gadget termed ‘Activity Feed’ is enabled for content producers. This side bar allows editors to interact with a real-time activity feed for the content item they are currently working on.

Image of comments in Content Collaboration add-on

All activity that takes place for a particular piece of content will show up instantly for other editors working on the same content – and they are then able to comment on it – and tag other editors for notifications. In addition one can write up comments and leave to-dos for a specific piece of content to inform colleagues that something needs their attention.

Image of notification in Content Collaboration add-on

The idea behind Content Collaboration is to break free from rigid workflows when needed, while reaping the benefits of flexible collaboration. Editors without the right to publish content can engage in multiple dialogs with the editors responsible for publishing straight from the Episerver interface. Moreover the add-on provides the possibility to configure the details of how notifications should work, so it can be customized to the needs of your organization.

Content Collaboration is available in public beta through the Episerver Add-on Store inside your Episerver installation