Merit Central Europe AG

Partner level: Solution partner

Merit is a young, flexible and customer-oriented company, which combines experience with fresh ideas. Our Key Differentiators Customer Orientation Both the management of Merit and the consultants, have a proven track record in the area of "customer orientation". Experience A majority of Merit employees hold important operational roles in their careers, either with the development of customer strategies, or with important transformation projects. Enterprise-Wide Perspective By combining deep strategic with functional expertise, Merit met business challenges from an enterprise-wide view across all product, marketing and service channels. Industry Knowledge Merit has pronounced industry knowledge in area of Publishing Houses / Media, Event Management, Public Administrations, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Financial Services. Return-On-Investment By aligning resources with customer value, Merit helps its customers to use their existing resources effectively and the existing infrastructure optimally and to thus increase the enterprise value. Technical Expertise Software alone makes no CRM - however without software knowledge a functioning solution strategy cannot be planned and released. Strategic CRM and tactical, operational conversion goes hand in hand with Merit.

Offices in: Steinhausen


Andrea Ziegler, Sales Director

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