Making Waves

Partner level: Premium partner

Certified developers: 61

Making Waves is a global Episerver partner with a team of over 400 dedicated experts in digital strategy, design, communication and technology, across offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Chicago, New York and Krakow. Our 120 certified developers have worked on more than 150 Episerver websites, and won multiple awards for their efforts. Our clients understand that the pace of change is constantly increasing, and that a digital transformation is vital to their future success. So we design and build digital products that solve problems today, and that we can build upon for future opportunities. From websites and mobile solutions to digital tools and marketing, we design everything with one goal in mind: Help our clients win. We know that designing and building groundbreaking digital products not only requires visionary strategy, effortless user experiences, and a deep understanding of technology, but also a solid partnership with our clients. That’s why we’ve been trusted with leading global brands like Absolut Vodka, Save the Children and Blue Buffalo, to name a few.

Offices in: Chicago


Markus Bereflod, Technical Director

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Customer references

Giant Eagle
Country: USA

Simple Truth
Country: USA

Bimba Manufacturing
Country: USA

Blue Buffalo Company
Country: USA

Rain For Rent
Country: USA

Electrolux USA
Country: USA

Transitions Optical
Country: USA