Content marketing that drives sales

An integrated solution for CMS and commerce enables retailers to improve conversions and business results through targeted, on-brand communication. Use content marketing to create online shopping experiences that mirror the excellent experiences you’re already offering in-store.

An improved experience for the connected consumer

Traditionally, CMS and commerce solutions have operated independently from one another, creating inefficiencies for businesses and fragmented and confusing experiences for consumers. But today’s highly competitive marketplace demands that content and commerce merge, so that retailers can deliver a seamless customer journey.

  • Merchandising – drive sales by creating high-quality product and editorial content that fits with your customers’ lifestyle interests.
  • Localization – provide flexibility for local markets, with tailored content for local audiences.
  • Omnichannel – drive sales by encouraging customer engagement with your campaigns via social media, in-store and online.
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Episerver Digital Commerce

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Episerver benefits for content marketing

  • True customer value

    Leverage content that provides insight and value to consumers along the buyer's journey.

  • Consistently personalized content

    Create unique experiences for shoppers by personalizing every interaction with your brand.

  • Improved SEO and loyalty

    Improve SEO rankings while creating more engaged and loyal customers.

A seamless experience for editors and customers

Creating great content is easier said than done. Once you have defined a clear content marketing strategy to help drive sales, invest in third-party resources like specialist freelance writers to help you provide the editorial content you’re looking for.

Your content should play a key role in educating, inspiring, and seducing your customers. With the right platform in place you’ll ensure the messages appear on-brand and consistent, while enabling your experts to seamlessly and successfully interact with your customers across all channels.