Manage and orchestrate cross-channel campaigns

Managing a multichannel campaign is a bit like conducting an orchestra. If done right, it is precise and beautiful, and if done wrong, it is a roomful of noise. Episerver gives you the tools to easily manage every part of your campaigns across all channels. You get better results faster, with less work.

Precisely planned, perfectly managed

  • Easily orchestrate complex campaigns

    Episerver makes it easy to orchestrate even the most complex campaigns. Using familiar flowcharts, you can lay out and automate detailed campaigns in just minutes.

  • Data-driven channel planning

    Find out what channels are performing best for every campaign, and use customer segments and insights to make each campaign increasingly effective.

  • Omnichannel triggers and actions

    Create true omnichannel campaigns, including direct mail, print, in-store, and apps. Use behavioral triggers to drive always-on campaigns, such as reactivation, abandonment and onboarding.

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Campaign management precision

What if you could quickly target your customers with the highest lifetime value? Or those who haven’t purchased anything in the last few months? Or those who just signed up, or recently purchased a product in one of your stores?

  • Build the master plan in minutes: Use Episerver’s visitor insights to create the perfect campaign plan for one-off or always-on campaigns.
  • Manage all channels in one place: Episerver connects the digital with the physical world, allowing you to reuse messages and assets over all channels, always fully personalized.
  • Automate your campaign with flexible triggers and actions: Include behavioral triggers in you campaign plan, so that you reach customers at exactly the right time.

4 steps to simplify customer experience

With all the talk about customer experience today, it’s easy to lose sight of what it really means. What it means is this: when you fail to provide a good experience for your customers, you will lose them and money due to disloyalty.

Learn from our experts how you can provide a better customer experience. We also share how you can easily improve customer experiences using Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

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