Visitor intelligence with real-time analytics

Episerver Campaign uses artificial intelligence to analyze every action a visitor takes in any channel to create a single lifetime view of each visitor. With real-time analytics it helps you quickly improve campaigns and experiences.

Benefits of Episerver’s visitor intelligence

  • Customer profiles

    Episerver keeps track of every visit, click, email, message and purchase – from anonymous leads to repeat customers. Learn what customers do and why.

  • Third-party data

    Add third-party data to customer profiles from CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems. Use the data to personalize content and give recommendations.

  • Performance dashboards

    Use customized dashboards to drill down into your campaign performance data. Quickly improve campaigns for certain channels and customer segments.

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Get to know your visitors. Every one of them.

With web analytics, you see what visitors do. With Episerver’s contextual intelligence solution, Episerver Insight, you understand why they do it. Pull up any customer, and see why they became a customer. Or learn about similarities in the behavior of your big spenders – and improve your business tactics.

  • Get a complete history for every visitor, including email and name for identified visitors.
  • Drill down into your audience using Episerver’s real-time data discovery engine.
  • Own your data  – you and your customers control the data you collect.
  • Fully integrated cloud solution – no installation or management required.

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Visitor intelligence that puts privacy first

Episerver Insight visitor intelligence is built right into the Digital Experience Cloud platform, and doesn’t rely on any third-party service to store your information. This means that you, and ultimately your customers, are always in full control of their data. This also means that you can manage exactly what is being tracked, and what is not.

When your customers entrust you with their data, security is equally important. Episerver’s information security compliance framework is based on the ISO 27001 standard. With Episerver Digital Experience Cloud you get a fully managed solution with the strictest levels of security and confidentiality.

Since Episerver Insight runs in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about setting up or configuring the service. Installation on your websites is completed in a matter of minutes, and backups, security and software upgrades are all taken care of.

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