Deliver a personalized buying experience across channels

Shoppers connecting with you digitally are telling you what they want, but are you listening? Episerver understands visitors’ behavior and actions, and presents exactly the right products along the customer journey.

Always-on personalization with Episerver

  • Pinpoint accuracy

    Episerver creates behavioral profiles for visitors and visitor clusters for super accurate recommendations and optimized product rankings. Thanks to machine learning, they also become even better over time.

  • No-rules personalization

    Rules that rely on gut instinct and hard work won’t cut it. Episerver automatically determines the optimal product display in multiple channels, proven to increase results.

  • Full journey engagement

    Episerver optimizes the entire customer journey. This includes engaging and educational content, product browsing and buying, email, and customer service and loyalty. Episerver takes control of it all.

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Episerver Perform – relevant products at every touchpoint

What if you could predict every shopper’s wishes, and present products that are relevant to them right there and then – whether on the web, on mobile, or in an email? With Episerver Perform, you can.

Episerver’s intelligent personalization platform includes a full suite of commerce and content personalization tools, including behavioral ranking, product recommendations for web and email, and automatic triggers and actions that quickly increase conversions and average order value. Customer satisfaction and loyalty get a boost, too.

Episerver analyzes every visitor, their individual customer journeys, and actions of similar customers. Thanks to the platform’s machine learning, Episerver will autonomously fine-tune the ranking and recommendations over time. Episerver is unique in that the platform also gives content recommendations – Episerver Advance – to ensure a constantly personal experience.

  • Intelligent product recommendations: Easily enable personalized product recommendations throughout your website or mobile site.
  • Optimized category pages: Wherever you display your products, Episerver will optimize the ranking for every visitor, including behavioral data and merchandising strategies.
  • Personalized product emails: Include personalized product recommendations in any email, including cart abandonment and retargeting emails.
  • Behavioral triggers: Quickly detect onsite behaviors and immediately act upon them through automated personalized emails. Use targeted discounts, repurchase activators, and high product interest accelerators to immediately increase conversions.