Always present the right content for every visitor

Don’t hide content in deep hierarchies. Engage visitors immediately with content tailored to their interests. With Episerver’s smart content, you can automatically present highly relevant and individualized experiences for every visitor.

Put your content to work

Previously, you would have to rely on manual content selection to create home pages, article listings, or landing pages. Episerver Advance, our smart content solution, does the heavy lifting for you. Thanks to tagging and Episerver’s search relevance engine, Episerver Find, content is automatically selected for each visitor based on visitor profile, interest, or work role.

Since visitors no longer have to navigate deep hierarchies, the path to conversion or task fulfillment is considerably shorter. Episerver also offers an interactive drill-down, where visitors can click on simple facets in order to hone in on their interest.

  • For content marketing: Highly relevant content suggestions are presented on the first visit, and through repeat visits.
  • For articles and news: Keep visitors engaged and on the site with content suggestions that are relevant to topics, and optimized for popularity and newness.
  • For intranets and portals: Present information and documents that are relevant to each employee, enhancing content discovery and reducing time spent on information search.
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How to make content smart

Organizations strive to deliver more individualized experiences at every stage of the customer journey. The challenge they face is not just how to orchestrate commerce, content and marketing as one, but how to give each visitor a consistently personal experience across channels.

Instead of time-consuming and error-prone rules-based personalization, Episerver Advance makes use of autonomous personalization – where machine learning based algorithms are used to inject the right content at the right time for every single visitor. We think that’s a smarter way to work.

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Benefits of Episerver’s smart content

  • Personalized content on first page view

    Episerver uses contextual data, such as ad clicks, geolocation, and organization affiliation to present relevant content on start pages, content listings and landing pages.

  • Automatically surfaced information

    For many websites and portals, it is deep content that is most likely to be relevant to a visitor. Episerver uses tagging and content filtering to surface content that is more likely to serve the visitor’s needs.

  • Interactive content drill-down

    From the first content selection, visitors are quickly able to drill down into large content repositories thanks to Episerver’s intuitive guided navigation.