Episerver CMS exam

To increase your chances of passing the exam, we highly recommend a mixture of training and practical CMS development experience.

Recommended courses

Depending on whether you are new to Episerver or a merited Episerver developer, we recommend different courses, either combined or separate, as part of your preparations.

  • Episerver CMS - Developer Boot Camp
    The Boot Camp is a 5-day course, starting from a basic level intensely bringing you from basic to advanced level. The certification exam is included in the course fee.
  • Episerver CMS - Developer Masterclass
    The course is aimed at experienced Episerver developers who want to quickly and efficiently become an Episerver Certified Developer. The course will end with the certification exam itself and the exam fee is included in the pricing of the course.

Recommended reading

We recommend that candidates read through the latest versions of the technical documentation and user manuals available on Episerver World.

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Certification exam versions

The certification exam for Episerver CMS is based on version 10.