Editors & business users

  • Episerver CMS - Basic Editing

    The course covers how to create pages with text, images, tables and forms. You will also learn how to reuse small content parts on the website and structure the content for easy navigation.

  • Episerver CMS - Advanced Editing

    Deep dive into Episerver functionality that helps you measure, optimize and personalize your website content.

  • Episerver CMS - Administrator Training

    The course will walk you through the administration interface in Episerver 7 CMS, focusing on tasks that are done on a daily basis, including setting access rights, customizing the editorial interface and workflows.

  • Episerver Commerce - Merchandiser Training

    The "Merchandiser training" will get you on track with how to add and publish product descriptions, images and prizes. You will get a good understanding of how to work with catalog content with Episerver Commerce.

  • Episerver Find for Editors

    This course is aimed at those working on a website with Episerver Find. It gives you the skills needed to adapt the search experience and create relevant content for your website visitors.

  • Ektron - End User Training

    The Ektron End User training is geared towards content contributors who are responsible for adding, editing and managing content.

  • Ektron - Administrator

    The Ektron Administrator training is a three-day hands on class geared towards CMS content managers and content administrators who need to rapidly build up their knowledge and skill sets to administer and manage websites built on the Ektron platform.

  • Ektron - System Administrator

    Ektron’s System Administration training is a one-day class designed for IT staff who will be responsible for installation, management and on-going maintenance of the Ektron platform.

  • Ektron - Project Manager

    Project Manager Training is a two day class designed to provide CMS Project Managers with the information needed to build up their knowledge of how to manage an Ektron CMS web site project.

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