Delightful experiences for business buyers

Business buyer expectations continue to evolve fueled by digital interactions. Only Episerver delivers customer experiences that delight by providing tailored and targeted experiences to each of your buyers.

Episerver benefits for B2B online commerce

  • Complex purchasing made easy

    Make complex product purchases easy for buyers with experiences that meet their research and purchase requirements.

  • Anticipate and assist

    Deliver personal buying experiences using behavioral personalization, which matches the buyer’s needs with the right information to take them to the next step.

  • Empowering self-service

    Customer self-service that empowers the customer based on their needs in their buying situations.

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Episerver Digital Commerce

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Simplify the customer journey with Episerver

Episerver makes it easy to deliver an engaging, friction-free experience to your customers. From first contact through to conversion and customer service. Find out how.


  • Complete flexibility to curate content that customers are researching.
  • Consistent multi-channel experiences allow customers to conduct research across their many devices.
  • Continually improve the search engine performance of your digital experiences.


  • Personalized experiences tailored to the individual based on their persona, preferences, behavior, and organisational role.
  • Pricing and ordering options fully integrated in product content helps convert people from research to order.
  • Product configurators, packaging and pricing ensure that the products meet the buyers needs.


  • Seamless ordering with customer account ordering, multiple payment options, and approval workflows.
  • Product configuration tools allow customers to buy complex products in a fluid buying process.
  • Experience optimization tools to test and measure any changes for the impact on conversions.


  • Empower customers with self-service integrated into corporate account systems.
  • Rich product guides to ensure customers are getting the most value from their purchased products and services.
  • Communities that help customer and user groups to get the most out of the ongoing relationship.

Learn from B2B ecommerce experts

Selling B2B products and services online can be a tricky business. Yet it is something that B2B companies have to master if they don’t want to fall behind.

Forrester Research interviewed several companies who are succeeding with B2B ecommerce to find out what they are doing right. The short answer? They are copying the proven ecommerce principles of B2C. Get a complimentary copy of the report to learn more.

Download the Forrester B2B report

Complex purchasing is not complicated

B2B buyers are looking for a great consumer-level experience when purchasing in their work role. Additionally, more than 60% of B2B buyers research online prior to making a purchase.

Achieving this smooth experience has been challenging though, especially when considering the requirements for account-specific pricing and product selection, approval workflows, and custom fulfillment processes.

Episerver changes this. Aside from being the first platform to fully integrate transactions, fulfillment, campaigns and content in the same interface, it also offers deep support for complex B2B buying processes. Without the complications.

Features for successful B2B commerce

  • Product Search

    Helping your customers find the products most relevant to them - with the ability to quickly filter, sort and search - gives them a better experience.

  • Campaign Management

    Campaigns can be focused on discounts while using specific criteria to control the status and targeting of customer segments. This helps you manage and organize marketing activities and measure campaign goals.

  • Catalog Management

    Episerver’s features for catalog management enable you to re-use content and images across catalogs, stores, and sites, so that you can better meet consumer expectations.