Streamlined site management and increased social engagement

Episerver’s platform adds to ease of communication and greater social engagement for the National Down Syndrome Society

For the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), a legacy CMS was paralyzing their ability to communicate and market effectively to their valued constituency. It was also creating a number of unnecessary costs and inefficiencies within their organization.

The need for a user-friendly CMS was apparent for NDSS, as they struggled to keep site content updated and relevant. Because only developers could update the site, the NDSS marketing team found it difficult, costly, and time consuming to execute simple and timely updates.

Since going live with Episerver CMS, NDSS has experienced a number of positive results:

  • 18% increase in visits
  • 15% increase in page views
  • 10% increase in email opt-ins
  • 12% decrease in bounce rate

Social Shares Drive Referrals up by 67%

NDSS nurtures their constituent community online by engaging on social channels with impressive results. The new site has social share capabilities embedded throughout, allowing users to share content with their personal networks.

Their Facebook fan page boasts 41,000 followers and Facebook is the 3rd most popular source of referrals to, driving 6,000 visitors per month. Since the launch of the new site, referrals to have increased by 67% in a year-over-year comparison.

Streamlined User Experience and Engagement across Digital Channels

Increased site visits and page views stats monitored through Google Analytics clearly demonstrate that site users are deriving greater value from the NDSS site. “Since the site has gone live the feedback we’ve received is that it’s easier to navigate and locate content, and that it truly represents the face of Down syndrome, allowing for a greater emotional connection. Site users have a clearer understanding of what our organization does,” explains Julie Cevallos, NDSS Vice President of Marketing.

Creating a Community with User-Generated Content

Leveraging user-generated content was particularly important to NDSS, providing a highly effective means of giving a voice to the cause of Down syndrome. The “My Great Story” section of the NDSS site allows users to share their personal experiences with Down syndrome with the community. The stories become viral when shared or when votes are generated through the contest, “My Great Story of the Month”. By creating shareable, viral content NDSS has also experienced a boost in social fans and followers.

A Strong CMS for Nonprofits

With a strong CMS platform in place, NDSS has significantly lowered their cost of long-term ownership, and positioned their site to encourage online donations and drive revenue well into the future.

Episerver partner agencyQ worked closely with NDSS to redesign and re-platform onto Episerver CMS. agencyQ drove results by creating strong calls-to-action with a focus on generating donations, increasing e-newsletter opt-ins, and increasing audience awareness and advocacy through alerts.

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