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Increasing engagement with patient communities

Episerver’s platform allows NorthShore's doctors and staff to engage more easily with website visitors to build patient trust and brand loyalty.

NorthShore successfully implemented Episerver CMS within three months. Measurable SEO gains were achieved within 90 days of the site going live. Hospital staff is now able to publish highly technical medical content to their practice area website without assistance from Marketing and IT. This content is then pushed to the organization's social and mobile channels.

NorthShore aimed to increase engagement with its local patient communities through the organization's website, mobile channel and the social tools that connect with the health network and specialty care centers.

Empowering content editors

By selecting a CMS with the easiest possible user interface, NorthShore's marketing leadership quickly deployed Episerver CMS to boost editorial efficiency and improve the patient experience. NorthShore required a CMS that would simplify top line navigation while revamping its clinical service and conditions pages throughout the site for a more interactive patient experience. With more than 2,400 physicians on staff and 20 specialty care centers, NorthShore needed to hand over online content production into the hands of physicians, nurses and clinical specialists.

Exceeding SEO goals 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a tertiary objective for NorthShore's marketing leadership, when selecting Episerver as the CMS platform to provide the most engaging and interactive online presence for their community. SEO gains are an indirect benefit of choosing a robust CMS and strong implementation partner, like Adage Technologies, to provide intuitive page templates that simplifies meta-tagging, header tags, page naming and descriptions for non-technical editors. Still, in just three months of going live,'s overall Alexa ranking improved 21 percent.

Social. Mobile. Personal

The SEO gains NorthShore achieved for its overall site as well as specialty care centers was amplified by a forward thinking mobile and social media strategy also driven by Episerver CMS. NorthShore extended the reach of its intuitive and highly interactive online presence to mobile devices so that NorthShore's educational and logistical content is available to patients wherever they may be. The next step will be to personalize the online experience based on visitor context.

With Episerver's technology platform, NorthShore is able to integrate its patient portal, electronic medical records, social media marketing and on-site community to promote its world-renowned medical services to the local NorthShore community in a transparent, efficient and immediate way. All of this makes NorthShore's services more findable for patients searching online.

Episerver’s platform allows NorthShore's doctors and staff to engage more easily with website visitors to build patient trust and brand loyalty.

Teddy Fishbein, Manager, Interactive Marketing

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