Failte Ireland’s Pick Tourism web recruitment campaign

Pick Tourism is an innovative web based recruitment and education campaign. With the campaign only being online two months they have already had a 20% increase in enquiries

Web 2.0 initiative with social networking

In common with most industries, the tourism sector faces particular challenges in attracting young people to train and work in the industry. Failte Ireland decided that they needed to be innovative and engage with the target audience via the media and forum that has become second nature to them i.e. the Internet and the Social Networking Arena.

Biznet IIS were selected after an extensive pre-tender, tender and presentation process. Pick Tourism is an innovative Web 2.0 initiative conceived by Failte Ireland and created by the team at Biznet IIS to complement and support their National Promotional Campaign on careers, training and education opportunities in tourism. The Solution, based on Episerver CMS.

Change the perceptions of tourism careers

The core objective of the Pick Tourism campaign is to change the perceptions of teenagers of tourism careers. Jobs in tourism are not just a "stop gap" but a viable career with a variety of occupations and opportunities available. The online campaign has been and is being supported by substantial off-line advertising via Radio, Ad Shell and Targeted Youth Magazines.

Multi-channel marketing

The project focuses in particular on establishing a quality profile in the on-line social networking facilities used by younger people. This presence is geared towards raising Pick Tourism brand awareness through a cost effective, targeted and appropriate marketing medium, but more importantly, directing users to the main information and call to action resource which is the campaign website.

The campaign website is the focal point of the project as this is where users have the opportunity to investigate, self inform and apply for Tourism and Hospitality related courses. While there are several multi-channel marketing strategies in place to raise brand awareness and increase acquisition, the ultimate aim is to direct traffic to the central information hub. All off-line activity leads to

Biznet IIS observed that the target audience spent a great deal of time on websites such as Bebo and MySpace, meaning that a particular genre of design would be most appropriate. Best practice based navigation and information architecture systems were also implemented to make sure the website catered for users with different levels of Internet experience.

Immediate engagement

With the campaign only being online two months Failte Ireland have already had a 20% increase in enquiries and the site has proven to hit the mark with the average visitor spending 114% longer on the site compared to the norm. This proves that the solution retains, stimulates and calls the target audience to action.

Following a number of user acceptance and focus group sessions, the overwhelming feedback has been that the campaign website has been a great success and that the Bebo profile and widget game have been key stimulators. More importantly, the target audience is giving resounding positive feedback with regards to considering a career in Tourism and Hospitality related courses.

Online Competitions

To facilitate permission based marketing, users were invited to enter their details into an online competition. By registering for a competition, Failte Ireland was able to gather contact details for a dedicated target audience, and digitally market to them. This meant that targeted and segmented messaging could be distributed, thus retaining Pick Tourism exposure, but more importantly, keeping the notion of a career in Tourism and Hospitality at the fore.

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