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The Swedish tourist association, wants to help you discover Sweden. The website is the communications hub for the huge non-profit organization to share its information with insider knowledge about all Sweden’s top visitor attractions and places to visit.

The new website for Svenska Turistföreningen, a leading operator within nature and cultural tourism, is not only critical for the business – it's a vital part of the business itself.

Building on the concept "Discover Sweden", visitors are given access to the entire range of STF's services located in, and searchable from one single place.

Google maps integration

Content, comprising more than 10,000 pages, is made available through traditional navigation and an interactive map based on Google Maps. Visitors can browse or search the content with very specific criteria via the advanced filter menu. Results are presented in lists or on the integrated Google Maps application.

User generated content

The 300,000 members of STF can also contribute to the site by adding their own tips and activities. The user generated content is available through the same search functionality as the centrally produced content, so the range of tips and activities continue to grow.

Thanks to strategic long term work, where the legacy system and Episerver CMS is cooperates in an online-based business process, STF has accomplished what many organizations dream of, making the web the center for customer meetings and business development.

The STF website is extremely information intensive,with an externsive accommodation listing, 1500 activities, 85 local societies and a large number of associated articles. Advanced access levels are used to manage the content for more than 500 editors, depending on their level of responsibility.

Making life easy for editors

A lot of attention was given to factors that simplify the editors' daily work. Mainly through a number of smart plug-ins and restrictions in Episerver CMS edit mode. For instance, local editors, get their part of the page tree (which can be far down in the structure) automatically expanded when they login. The image functions in Episerver CMS R2 also simplify the editors' handling of images. By letting every part of the organization handle their own content, central administration plays a minimal role.

Technical solution

The system design and development was done by Isotop AB. LBi Starring has developed the concept, design and produced the HTML templates. The solution is integrated with STF's legacy system Miranda (developed by Multisoft Consulting), as well as the system for online bookings and STF's Active Directory.

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Partner contact
Jonas Andersson