Connect with leading tools for CRM and marketing automation

Episerver Digital Experience Hub™ provides a complete solution for digital marketers who want to combine the power of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform with industry-leading CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Easily share customer information

Automatically capture key contact and lead information from visitors and send it to your marketing or CRM databases. Keep those contacts in sync throughout all your digital tools.

  • Easily integrates to industry-leading platforms.
  • Nurture and cultivate leads across platforms, providing consistent and personalized experiences for visitors.
  • Share content between systems, optimizing content development.

Benefits of using Episerver

  • Effortlessly share contact information between Episerver and marketing automation or CRM systems.

  • Connects to the most popular marketing automation and CRM platforms.

  • Personalize digital experiences across websites using contact information from marketing automation/CRM platforms.

A powerful combination of marketing tools

Through Episerver Digital Experience Hub™ you are instantly connected to the leading CRM and marketing automation systems: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce (CRM and Marketing Cloud), IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop), Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and Hubspot.

This means that you can manage in Episerver all your CTAs, leadgen forms, email content, and personalization, with data that is always up to date in both systems.

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