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Self-optimizing landing pages. Always mobile friendly.

Use our experience editor to effortlessly create self optimizing landing pages with any layout you want, while adhering to brand guidelines. If you are in a campaign-site setting, you can reuse content block from other sites and just drag them into your landing page.

  • 1
    Drag and drop content, buttons, forms and any type of media to build landing pages just the way you want them.
  • 2
    Personalize your landing pages so that specific visitor segments will receive tailored messages.
  • 3
    Once published, use A/B and multivariate testing to find out what is really driving conversions. Revisit your landing pages and tweak the experience where needed, or set up several versions of blocks from the beginning and let them self-optimize over time, to show the combination most likely to entice action.

Empowering business users to be goal-driven

The way to optimize your content in Episerver follows the same pattern as for when creating experiences. Just drag and drop the combinations you want to try out and define the success criteria and the system will take care of the rest. 

Episerver also introduces the idea of goal-driven content creation. This means that once you create a page or a block you are triggered to set the goal for it first and thereafter create the content that should drive the visitor to that goal.

By nudging business users to be more data-driven, our customers are having more success with their digital strategies.

SEO advice right on page, in real-time

When creating a piece of content in Episerver, a text analysis function kicks in to analyze the text and suggest keywords for optimization. This way you get a helping hand in finding the right words that will improve your SEO ranking and drive traffic to your site.

  • 1
    SEO advice and indicators are displayed side-by-side with the content. Tweak your texts to maximize the chances of being found in search engines.
  • 2
    A robust keyword analysis feature shows related search terms, search volume and competition based on statistics from Google.


Bringing simplicity to organizations with complex needs

Organizations have complex needs and Episerver provides the alternative of buying into simplicity while ensuring an enterprise ready environment. Run as many sites in as many languages as you want, share assets between them and let an unlimited amount of editors collaborate to get things done.

  • 1
    Context-dependent asset panels ensure different types of users see what is most relevant to them. Easily add gadgets, such as conversion statistics and version lists for marketers, while surfacing workflows and site management gadgets for site owners.
  • 2
    Automate approval workflows and perform quality assurance before content goes live. Assign access rights to define who can create, view or modify content at the most granular level, across all sites.
  • 3
    Use personalization to allow a global site to reach the local customer and be relevant, enabling you to better communicate with targeted audiences and improve conversion rates.

Expand without customization using the Digital Experience Hub

The Episerver Digital Experience Hub (DXH) provides pre-built connectors into leading enterprise applications – to help marketers customize and personalize the site visitor's experience.

By unifying the many silos of data from your many marketing systems, Episerver enables marketers and merchandizers to develop a 360 degree view of the customer and use that insight to tailor every digital experience.

The Digital Experience Hub is also the foundation for Episerver's extensive Add-on Store – verified third-party add-ons that instantly give added functionality to your Episerver.

Episerver is a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

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