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Give your users the mobile experience they deserve, with the same functionality as desktop plus the benefits of personalized, location-based offers. 


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Create and optimize experiences for mobile. In the most natural way yet.

In Episerver, all content is automatically available for mobile, desktop and everything in-between. This means your visitors will have a complete mobile experience with the same core functionality as desktop users. To optimize the journey, rearrange and customize your content directly in mobile-first mode to fit the scenarios ideal for mobile.

  • 1
    Work mobile all the way by selecting a mobile device rather than desktop as view mode. Navigate the site just like any mobile visitor and make edits where needed.
  • 2
    Create, edit and personalize content directly on page in mobile view mode. All functions and asset panels are instantly available for mobile, just as for desktop.
  • 3
    Optimize the mobile user journey by configuring what and how to display content blocks for mobile.

Designed for a world of mobility

Getting mobile right is not just about fitting your content nicely into a smaller screen. It is also about doing all the small things right, so that your visitors don't decide to move on to a competing offer, that is luring just a couple of clicks away.

Episerver lets you work mobile all the way and experience exactly what mobile visitors do, so that you can proactively discover any mobile frustration and instantly correct it. Once you are ready to take mobile to the next level, we empower you to connect on-the-go consumers with personalized time and location-based offers, ideas or services.

Responsive design in the core

Episerver has responsive design in the core and all content lives within a single repository. Add the channels your organization uses most and instantly see, not only how content renders on different mobile devices, but also how it will look in social media, e-mail, print and so on. If you don't like what you see, edit the experience right there and then.

  • 1
    Easily set up additional channels and views as new devices and channels emerge. This way marketers and editors can always work directly in all relevant channels.
  • 2
    Create channel-specific content strategies to interact with users in the most effective way for each channel.

Segmentation and behavioral targeting to connect with mobile visitors

In a world of constant connectivity, marketers are faced with a novel opportunity to connect with consumers on the move. In Episerver you can add context as a dimension when creating experiences. This way you can surface tailored information for specific visitor groups, such as those who happen to be within a certain distance from your store.

  • 1
    Use historic information about the interests of a visitor and his or her current context to connect them with tailored messages or offers.
  • 2
    Connect visitors with context-dependent messages both on the web or in outbound communication such as e-mail or text messages.

Customer Spotlight: A digital travel journey to engage skiers on the slopes


If you go skiing in Scandinavia, there is an overwhelming chance you will be at one of SkiStar’s resorts. The Skistar website is a portal under continuous development and the company is increasingly focused on tailoring the site’s content and leveraging mobile.


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