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Content is not static, and neither is your customers’ path to it. Using state-of-the-art search technology, you can guide each visitor to their goal – leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.


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Guided navigation that take you further, faster

Having a huge amount of content used to mean having a daunting task of managing it, and providing easy access to it. It no longer does. Using guided navigation, visitors can in a few clicks drill down to find exactly what they are looking for. And, best of all, you do not have to maintain a complex content tree. We use the data inherent in your content to automatically create useable and always-updated navigation.

  • 1
    Facets are created based on the properties of your content, be it price, date, category or color. You are in total control, without having to update anything manually.
  • 2
    By combining different facets, visitors can make complex selections using tools familiar to them from many e-commerce sites.
  • 3
    Collect content from multiple sources in one place, without costly integrations, and with almost infinite scalability.

Scalable performance, effortlessly delivered

Milliseconds matter. Regardless of how much content you have, we deliver the service to give thousands of visitors results instantly. Using a highly-tuned proprietary database, we deliver relevant results in the blink of an eye. And when your traffic and site grow, so does the search service.

Episerver Find, the enterprise search solution built into Digital Experience Cloud, is delivered either in our cloud or in your private on-site cloud. In both cases, we take care of application management, backups, and upgrades – so you don’t have to. With more than 400 customers to date, we have the knowledge and power to deliver highly available search solutions that just work.

With more than 10 million search queries answered each day, we can promise class-leading performance and availability for all kinds of websites.

All the data you need to make the optimizations you desire

Every search query asked is an opportunity to learn more about your visitors, their needs and their behavior. Gain an overview over the most popular search queries, search queries that return no results and related search queries – all in one place. Use the click-through rate for each query to spot problem areas, and easily make adjustments to content and search settings.

  • 1
    Follow your visitors' search usage, and get insights into their needs and behavior.
  • 2
    Get actionable suggestions on improvements that remove the guesswork from content optimization.
  • 3
    Easily add synonyms and best bets to improve click-through rates and increase successful searches.

We’ve got your back

Everyone can use a helping hand. Our support team knows what it takes to develop great digital experiences, and we will get you on your way in no time. Add to that great documentation, a fluent .NET API, and easy-to-use templates, and you will always have your back covered.

We also provide training and expert services to help you get the most out of your products – not only when it comes to the technical details, but also best practices to create extraordinary online experiences.

What are the results? We have the highest customer satisfaction rating, and thousands of customers depend on our services to get higher conversion rates, improve customer service and increase operational efficiency.

Boost conversions with Guided Search

Let your visitors help you boost your conversions rates. The more you listen to their intentions, the better you can serve their needs, and the search box is the right place to begin. Use autocomplete, related queries and behavioral ranking to boost search relevancy and accelerate your visitors’ path to conversion. Episerver learns from past behavior, and continually optimize suggestions and search results. Thanks to the advanced ranking methods visitors get results that are spot-on. And the result for you? Supercharged conversion rates.

  • 1
    Listen to your visitors and make sure pages with high click-throughs are shown more often.
  • 2
    Guide your visitors along their journey with smart autocomplete. Episerver learns and adapts from your visitors behavior so your search box is getting smarter by the day.
  • 3
    Empower editors and marketer to optimize the experience by adding synonyms or best bets for selected search queries.

Customer Spotlight: Search increases conversions for Lernia

How does your on-site search stack up? The leading training and staffling company Lernia reviewed their web statistics, and learned that the conversion rate for visitors that use on-site search is more than double that of non-search users. It’s easy to find out – just head into your web analytics tool of choice and see for yourself! 

Episerver is a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

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