B2B Ecommerce Produces Results - Get on Board now

This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Episerver presents what we consider to be solid evidences on the impressive financial successes achieved by companies that have taken the lead in implementing B2B eCommerce

In recent years, B2B eCommerce solutions have evolved to offer a customer experience rivaling that offered by B2C standard-bearers. The results are coming in and they all point to moving forward aggressively with eCommerce.

In January 2014, Episerver commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate best practices Episerver commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate best practices in implementing B2B eCommerce systems and metrics around those systems. This study looks into the perceptions and realities around the timing and costs associated with implementation, and the results the solutions are delivering today, providing a clear business case for B2B companies to implement eCommerce systems. 

Key highlights from the study:

  • B2B eCommerce delivers real financial success - eighty nine percent of respondents agreed that implementing ecommerce increased annual company revenue by an average of 55%

  • Nearly all of the respondents said their eCommerce solution was important in meeting their goals to grow revenue (98%) and attract new customers (90%)

  • While the value of eCommerce solutions for selling to businesses online is undeniable, many B2B companies balk at the thought of a complex and costly implementation process. B2B companies should carefully define project goals and objectives, involve users throughout the implementation process, and engage with knowledgeable experts, both internally and externally

Download the 2014 Forrester study to learn how B2B eCommerce is transforming traditional business models and key lessons learned from other companies for a successful ecommerce implementation.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Episerver

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