Meet the employees

“There are always new challenges lying ahead and my team is amazing.

Edda Wulff

Title: Online Editor, Marketing
Worked at the company: Since 2016

Why Episerver?

A former colleague and friend of mine was working at Optivo. I have always admired how happy and content she was, while having an amazing career. So I connected Optivo with being a great place to work. When an opportunity presented itself, I took my chances and applied.

What are some of the things you do on a normal work day?

Since we are sending out email and print campaigns almost every week, I’m basically logged in on Episerver Campaign all day long preparing our omnichannel campaigns. This can be our monthly newsletter in German and our bi-monthly one in English. And then there are the stand-alones or event announcements. I like to improve the designs and to show off with our features like the Template Kit, the button editor Click2Go, our Mobile Designs or the Countdown Timer.

What do you like about working at Episerver?

During one of my former jobs I have also worked in email marketing and we also used Episerver Campaign. So I was familiar with the software and I also was aware of the fact that smart email marketing is not about spamming your readers. There are a variety of possibilities to send each one of them the information they are actually interested in.

Working with digital communication, what is your favorite website?

Naturally I like to stay informed about what’s happening in the e-commerce business. For starters there is the blog from Email Marketing Evangelist René Kulka, Emailmarketing Tipps. Every Friday he sends out a summary of his findings via email. This is always a wonderful place to start.

Besides that, I check the blogs and news sites from Internet World, entailment or TechCrunch. Of course it’s good to know what everyone is up to in the industry. I’m observing how products are presented, how articles are set up and how stories are told.

For obvious reasons I’m interested in newsletter design and catchy copy writing so the Litmus and ReturnPath Blog are always a good place to linger. After that, I’m constantly looking for good email examples, such as on Pinterest and the design blog, Really Good Emails.

What is it like working here?

On the one hand, it’s challenging, because there always new tasks to solve like setting up a new automation, double opt in process, conceptualizing an article or the relaunch of the 52 email marketing tips. On the other hand, it is a pleasing working environment on our team. It’s possible to learn, to ask questions and re-think your own work. Definitely the educational part is a most attractive one.  What’s new in SEO and SEM? How can we improve our lead nurturing or our email communication?

What do you do outside office hours?

Originally I had studied classical archeology and that sticks somehow with me. What happened? What were the circumstances? I like to read about ancient people, but also the medieval times have joined my Kindle and bookshelf. Recently podcasts have become a constant companion. My favorites are History in Our Time from BBC Radio 4 and an American series, called StuffYouShouldKnow. I like to regularly set new goals like becoming a better cook, improving my car driving abilities and working out more. The last one is greatly encouraged by our family dog.