Agenda 5th June - Ascend Benelux

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10:00: Keynote: Episerver Product Strategy and Roadmap with EVP Strategy and CMO, James Norwood

Join Episerver's Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO James Norwood to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2018 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for digital content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalisation, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences. 

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10:25: Customer case Becoming Europe’s No.1 Online Beer Specialty Store with Hans Böhm, Managing Director

Beerwulf is a new online specialty store for craft and variety beers. Beerwulf builds on the two disruptions the beermarket is witnessing: the rise of craft beers and the switch to online sales. At Beerwulf we bring the world of beer alive from telling the story to selling the beer. As Beerwulf is a content rich platform our IT landscape is build around Episerver. In 3 sprints we developed our MVP and went live in the Netherlands on March 2nd 2017. Today Beerwulf is live in the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany and Belgium.

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10:50: Microsoft Keynote: Driven by Data – the why and how with Jeroen ter Heerdt, Data Evangelist at Microsoft

Driven by Data – the why and how

We have all heard buzzwords like “Big Data”, “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”. Maybe you even have heard some more. However, nobody really knows what they mean, how they relate and what you would need to do to make the best use of all the data and related technology available. In this session we will explore how to build a data-driven organization. Moreover, we will touch upon examples of using data in your own life as well as discuss the possibilities of data driven technology for today and the future. Warning: After this session your life will never be the same again – it might even turn you slightly insane.

11:15: Coffee break

Coffee break

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11:45: Autonomous Personalization: Put your content to work with Joey Moore, Director Product Marketing, Episerver

In lieu of time-consuming and error-prone rules-based personalisation, Joey Moore, Director of Product Marketing at Episerver shows you how you can make use of autonomous personalisation - where machine learning-based algorithms are used to inject the right content at the right time for every single visitor. Join this session for an introduction to a smarter way to work with your content and learn how you can get started delivering a more personalised experience at every stage of the customer journey.

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12:10: The Digital Transformation for Jenson USA with David Blades, Director of Marketing

Jenson USA is one of the original online bike shops. Their passion for cycling sprouted back in 1994 and had since taken root and grown into a community of people devoted to living life to its fullest. Learn about Jenson USA journey in their digital transformation to Episerver DXC, including their approach to selecting a platform and a partner, highlights of the Phase 1 launch and their roadmap for the future.

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12:35: Making sense of your data: From data management to data intelligence with Greg Moore, Manager of Personalisation & Campaign Strategy, Episerver

  • As more organisations offer a personalised and tailored customer experience, how do you elevate yours?
  • How do you combine data sources to deepen understanding of a diverse customer base?
  • Mapping out increasingly complex user journeys

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13:00: Lunch break

Lunch + mingle + developer sessions in the breakout room ‘het Koetshuis’

Business track
Developer track

14:00: Increase B2B sales by understanding digital buying intent

Traditional B2B sales organizations are geared towards cold calling and person-to-person sales. Yet the future of B2B sales is digital. Already half of B2B buyers are millennials, whose preference for digital interactions is quickly reshaping the customer journey. Companies now need a more digitized approach to understand how potential customers research and evaluate a business before they ever make contact. This session will show how the most sophisticated B2B organizations are reshaping the marketing game to figure out when someone has buying intent. They are simplifying the buying journey and significantly increasing profits compared to companies with less developed digital capabilities.

Jessica Fardin, Vice President Worldwide Marketing Episerver

Joakim Holmquist, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Episerver

14:00: Episerver Technical Roadmap

A talk through what’s recently been released by Episerver. Plus a sneak peek into what the R&D are currently working on in the Episerver roadmap.

Presenter: David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects, Episerver

14:25: Intelligent Campaigns: Omnichannel campaign management made easy

Greg Moore, Manager of Personalisation & Campaign Strategy shows how you can easily manage smarter, more effective campaigns across web, mobile, email and text message. Join this session and learn how you can connect with customers wherever they are, with messages based on real-time behaviour. 

Presenter: Greg Moore, Manager of Personalisation & Campaign Strategy at Episerver


14:25: Learn commerce catalogue from a commerce guru with EMVP Jeroen Stemerdink

Listen to EMVP Jeroen talk about right way to start your commerce project by getting your catalogue right. He will share his experience on what to do and importantly what not to do when starting your project. There’ll be time for questions to learn from Jeroen’s extensive commerce experience.

Presenter: Jeroen Stemerdink, Prinicipal Episerver EMVP, Valtech

14:50: How do you become a winner in today´s brutal retail market?

Introducing the Unified Commerce Aliance with Avensia, inRiver, Episerver and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail.

It is all you will need to take Unified Commerce to a new level. Some of the world largest brands are already transforming the industry with this solution. Irelands largest books and magazine retailer Eason got a 75% uplift in revenue year on year after launching this Unified Commerce Solution.

Marcus Gullberg, Director of Business Development Microsoft Western Europe

Alexander van Riesen, Senior Commerce Advisor at Avensia

14:50: Episerver as Headless CMS

Decoupled and Headless CMS, with its single point of storage, promises to address the needs for omnichannel content delivery and challenges the standard monolithic, multi-purpose CMS. Episerver allows for both paradigms: traditional coupled website delivery and headless/decoupled API delivery. But Headless isn’t for everyone. There are infrastructural issues to consider, such as user and group security management, content aggregation and architecture, reporting and versioning, etc. Attend this session to determine if headless is right for your organisation, and if it is, how you can get started today.

Presenter: Vincent Baaij, Solution Architect Continental Europe

15:15: Coffee break

Coffee break

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15:45: Improving the customer experience with GDPR with Peter Yeung, Global Data Protection Officer, General Counsel, Episerver

With the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rapidly approaching, Episerver is transforming our business to enable all of our Digital Experience Cloud customers to achieve GDPR compliance. In this session, we’ll cover how marketers can begin marching towards GDPR with concepts including transparency, “right to be forgotten”, data portability and data retention. We’ll also address how becoming GDPR compliant can help you to drive better leads, run more effective campaigns, and increase your return on investment, giving you a leg up on your competition.

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16:10: Keynote with Ben van der Burg, entrepreneur, ex professional speed skater, innovator


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16:40: Summary of the day

Summary of the day

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16:45: Mingle in the exibition area until 19.00

Mingle in the exibition area until 19.00