Digital Surgery

Our Digital Surgery is an interactive session made up of product tables hosted by our Product Management, Product Marketing and Training teams. 

They are a perfect opportunity for you to see the features in action and ask any questions you may have.

The set up will be 'Speed Dating' style! You'll go into groups and move around the tables every 10 minutes so you get to speak to everyone.

We have six topics for you to discover and learn from!

Digital Surgery part 1

  • Experience-Driven Commerce

    If you sell online - or are planning to - you must be able to market, transact and personalise rich omnichannel experiences from day one. Learn about the necessary tools and technologies to deliver inspirational, exclusive, and personalised experiences to online shoppers whenever and however they shop. Host: Christian Schlosser, Director of Commerce Product Management

  • Digital Experience Platform

    Find out how we can help you combine content, commerce and campaign management with artificial intelligence and behavioural analytics to deliver personalised experiences everywhere. The results are a secure, reliable and unified platform that increases engagement, revenue and loyalty, while delivering the fastest time to value and maximising productivity. Host: David Bowen, Director of Product Management

  • Making sense of your data: From data management to data intelligence

    It's easy to compile data on your visitors if you have the right tools in place. But how many companies are actually using that data to effectively increase engagement with customers? We show you how to create actionable insights with powerful behavioural intelligence and clickstream tracking. Host: Greg Moore, Manager of Personalisation & Campaign Strategy.

Digital Surgery part 2

  • Individualised Content

    It's a must to individualise content experiences for every visitor at the right time and in the right place. Discover how by combining artificial intelligence, assisted segmentation and contextual data, you can personalise and sequence rich content experiences with minimal effort. The results are a higher ROI, quicker conversions, improved lead generation, increased brand affinity, and better customer service – at a fraction of the cost. Host: Joey Moore, Director of Product Marketing

  • Intelligent Campaigns

    These days you must be able to deliver a consistent, omnichannel customer experience. This means you can engage with your customers at the right time and place – and always with the right message. We show you how to create, automate and understand the performance of omnichannel campaigns across web, mobile, email, text, social and the Internet of Things. The results are seamless and consistent experiences, smarter and faster segmentation, value-added engagement, and higher conversions. Host: Marc Bohnes, Director, Campaign Strategy & Greg Moore, Manager of Personalisation & Campaign Strategy

  • Tips & Tricks: Three ways to drive traffic to your website

    Automatic landing pages have made attracting new visitors to your site much easier. This means you don't need to create new landing pages for all types of search phrases that visitors may use. During this session, we'll show and tell you how to use this feature, as well as provide more tips for attracting new visitors to your site. Host: Marc Erodotou, Training Manager