Expert Tables

Thanks to our sponsors, we bring to you the Expert Tables.

These tables will be running throughout the day so you can chat to our experts at any time, and at lunch there will be time for roundtable discussions.

How to Avoid Performance Anxiety: improving web performance

Performance is a critical factor in achieving a high conversion rate for any CMS or E-commerce implementation. There are ways to ensure you achieve ‘top notch’ performance every time. We reveal them in this session.

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#Episerver #webperformance

Hosted by: Linus Ekstrom, Chief Technology Officer and EMVP

The third developer of the original team that created Episerver, Linus is a prominent figure amongst the industry’s professionals and a current EMVP titleholder. His greatest strength lies in his ability to combine technical knowledge with an eye for the big picture.

AI-Driven Customer Experience Solutions on Episerver

With customer experience continuing to be a strategic priority, organisations have to get to grips with AI and its potential to transform the customer experience. Applications like natural language understanding, facial recognition and real-time translation, have opened up a new set of opportunities to deliver enhanced experiences across web, chat and voice channels. We’ll be discussing the role that cloud-based AI services can play in enhancing customer experience and reducing costs, and how these solutions can be integrated with the Episerver platform.

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#AI-Driven #Customer #Experience

Hosted by: John Seal, Strategy Director at Mando

Jonathan is a member of the BIMA Think Tank on Artificial Intelligence, and a speaker, strategist, and podcaster. Jonathan consults for global brands and speaks regularly on digital trends, the impact of AI across sectors, and the evolution of digital working. Jonathan is Strategy Director at Mando, an organisation dedicated to using digital to simplify people’s lives.

UX Live – Driving website performance with human centred design

twentysix’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rich Jones, presents ‘UX Live – Driving performance with human centred design’. During this interactive session, delegates will experience UX in real time as user labs are analysed and turned into insight. Attendees will be able to take part in biometric user labs using world-leading products as they hear an overview of design psychology and user experience.

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#UX #user #labs

Hosted by: Richard Jones, Chief Strategy Officer

Richard Jones has more than 18 years’ experience in insight and strategy, user experience design, usability, user research and is a proponent of a user-first, service design approach. He has worked for and provided consultancy to global household names, including Kodak, Samsung, NHS and the London Stock Exchange,  as well as small, yet equally complex, clients in the UK, Europe and the US across all major sectors.

Digital commerce - strategy in a world of constant change

With rapid technological change afoot and today’s consumers now moving targets how should brands and retailers transacting online remain decisive and act strategically under uncertainty?

We’ll be discussing where growth has come from, the new digital business models and ecosystems developing and how businesses need to approach and organise for growth.

Join the debate at AmazeRealise’s expert table and learn from attendees across a range of industries.

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#eCommerce #smarterselling #customerfirst #digitalgrowth

Hosted by: Jasper Bell, Head of Commerce at AmazeRealise

Jasper has twenty years of experience gained both agency and client side across digital marketing, strategy and commerce. He’s responsible for AmazeRealise's Commerce proposition and consulting activity across new and existing clients.

Jasper has worked agency side at Modem Media, Redwood, Ogilvy and Glue, on brands such as GM, Hasbro and Unilever and client side at Barclaycard managing eCommerce strategy.