Developer Agenda

08:00: Registration

Collect your name badge, welcome bag and grab breakfast before the conference starts at 9am. 

09:00: Welcome to Ascend

Welcome to Ascend London 2018

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09:10: Keynote: Episerver Product Strategy and Roadmap with EVP Strategy and CMO, James Norwood

Join Episerver's Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO James Norwood to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2018 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for digital content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalisation, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences. 

09:35: AmazeRealise & The English Football League: 58 clubs, 1 platform, 9 months

Future-proof. Personalisation. Flexibility. Being one of the largest club associations in the UK, the English Football League (EFL) needed a new platform to do all these things and manage their 65 football club websites. Whilst maintaining some levels of standardisation it was equally important that each website portrayed themselves uniquely serving the needs of a global fan-base. Join Paul Diamond, Chief Client Officer, and Ross Jeavons, Head of Audience and Content at EFL to find out how they shaped a vision to ignite the passion of football fans and provide 65 clubs with a platform that delivered commercial success too. We will show you the process that allowed us to successfully deliver the largest Global Episerver DXC implementation project in just 9 months, across all devices and in real-time - harnessing the power of Episerver.

Presenters: Paul Diamond, Chief Client Officer at AmazeRealise and Ross Jeavons, Head of Audience and Content at EFL

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10:05: Guest Keynote: Creating a world-class omnichannel experience

  • Adapting bricks-and-mortar propositions to marry online and offline
  • Differentiating your business model from the ecommerce giants  
  • Examining what it takes to become truly mobile-first
  • Meeting the heightened expectations of consumers

Presenter: Mark Lewis, Practicology

10:35: Morning Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

11:05: Azure and the changing world of app development

Achieve global scale on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 50 announced regions, offering more than 100 services.

Build and deploy apps faster, focusing on innovation instead of infrastructure management.

Using DevOps to enable the continuous delivery of business value.

Presenter: Mark Harrison,Azure AppDev Technical Specialist at Microsoft UK

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11:35: Keynote: Episerver Technical Roadmap

Keynote: Episerver Technical Roadmap

Presenter: David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects at Episerver

12:05: EMVP: Does my client look fat in this?

An introduction to web assembly and Blazor, an experimental Microsoft framework allowing c# and razor to run inside your browser.

Presenter: Mark Everard

12:35: Lunch and Expert Tables

Join us for a 3 course fork buffet lunch. Chat to our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. There will be a dedicated time to meet with our Expert Tables. 

13:50: Introducing: Episerver Advance

Introducing: Episerver Advance

Presenters: Joakim Platbarzdis, Personalization Product Manager at Episerver

14:10: Developer News in Episerver Commerce

Join this session to hear Per Gunsarfs, Commerce Developer at Episerver, review new features in Episerver Commerce. Session participants will leave with a better understanding of Episerver's new and improved tax handling, access rights for catalogue content, improved order handling and more. Per will also include a sneak preview of upcoming order-related features. 

Presenter: Per Gunsarfs, Commerce Developer at Episerver

14:30: Exploring OPE with Angular and React

Episerver's CMS UI team has been exploring challenges and potential solutions to On-Page Editing when using client-side rendering frameworks such as Angular and React. Join us for a review of their findings. 

Presenter: John-Philip Johansson, Team Lead, CMS UI at Episerver

14:50: EMVP: Easy Business Integration with Episerver Commerce and Microsoft Azure Logic Apps.

Episerver is built with flexible integration in mind, providing many options for extending your solutions and make it communicate with external systems, for instance CRM, ERP, DAM and PIM systems.

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps helps you build, schedule, and automate processes as workflows so you can integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations.

We will walk through how we Episerver Commerce and Azure Logic Apps can work together.

Presenters: Khurram Khan and Wessel Terpstra

15:20: Connecting Episerver Insights & Campaign

See how Episerver Campaign connects with Episerver Insight to record a single set of user interactions. With some coding it will be shown how on-site experiences can be personalised based on off-site interactions.

Presenter: David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects at Episerver

15:40: Afternoon Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

16:10: Episerver as Headless

Decoupled and Headless CMS, with its single point of storage, promises to address the needs for omnichannel content delivery and challenges the standard monolithic, multi-purpose CMS. Episerver allows for both paradigms: traditional coupled website delivery and headless/decoupled API delivery. But Headless isn’t for everyone. There are infrastructural issues to consider, such as user and group security management, content aggregation and architecture, reporting and versioning, etc. Attend this session to determine if headless is right for your organisation, and if it is, how you can get started today.

Presenter: David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects at Episerver


16:40: EMVP: Learn commerce catalogue from a commerce guru

Listen to EMVP Jeroen talk about the right way to start your commerce project by getting your catalogue right. He will share his experience on what to do and importantly what not to do when starting your project. There’ll be time for questions to learn from Jeroen’s extensive commerce experience. 

Presenter: Jeroen Stemerdink, Prinicipal Episerver EMVP, Valtech

17:10: Discussions


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17:25: Guest Keynote: Bridges and Barriers: Five critical changes to tomorrow’s customer relationship

Technology is stripping friction from the interaction between brand and customer, bringing the two closer than ever. But it is also raising new barriers to brands that will make decades-old, trusted channels of communication obsolete. Understand the opportunities and threats created by the coming together of human and machine, and see how they will affect your business in the years ahead.

Presenter: Tom Cheesewright, Futurist speaker

17:55: Close

Summary of the conference. Thank you for joining us!

18:00: Time to party!

It's time to party! We have a great evening lined up for you...more details to come shortly.