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7:30AM: Breakfast


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8:40AM: Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

8:45AM: Keynote: Shawn Achor, NYTimes bestselling author of the Happiness Advantage and positive psychology researcher

Shawn Achor is an American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and founded GoodThink. After spending 12 years at Harvard University, Shawn Achor has become one of the world's leading experts on the connection between happiness and success and has now lectured in more than 50 countries.

10:30AM: LAB: Episerver as Headless

Headless CMS offerings promise to address the need for omnichannel content delivery and challenge the standard monolithic, multi-purpose CMS. Episerver allows for both paradigms: traditional coupled website delivery and headless/decoupled API delivery. In this session, we'll help you determine if a headless approach is right for your organization, and introduce the Episerver Content API, a new way of accessing Episerver content when building Headless applications. During the lab portion, we'll walk through how to make requests to the Content API in Javascript in order to build a sample app.

11:15AM: Digitizing DNA: A Live Look at How Episerver is Altering the Genetic Makeup of ACCO Brands

More than enabling direct sales, Episerver is fundamentally changing ACCO Brands' approach to its digital business. Join The C2 Group and ACCO Brands as they go behind the scenes of an active commerce implementation involving the unification and ongoing digital transformation of more than 30 leading brands. We'll discuss strategies for engaging users throughout the customer journey, effectively managing digital change, and delivering experience-driven commerce at scale with Episerver. 


12:00PM: Lunch


1:05PM: Commerce: Accept conversions even if your back-office systems aren't available

Join this session to hear how technology and a proper architecture can support offline ecommerce. Learn how Valtech successfully applies technical measures to ensure complicated B2B and B2C platform implementations, which often require customized pricing and real-time inventory validation, continue to function during failover scenarios, where connectivity to systems like ERP, PLM, PIM, and CRM may fail due to maintenance or unforeseen downtime.

1:05PM: Exploring OPE with Angular and React

Episerver's CMS UI team has been exploring challenges and potential solutions to On-Page Editing when using client-side rendering frameworks such as Angular and React. Join us for a review of their findings. 

2:15PM: Episerver Campaign: Omnichannel campaign management made easy

(Product Overview) With Episerver Campaign, you can easily manage smarter, more effective campaigns across web, mobile, email and text message. Join this session for a product review of Episerver Campaign and learn how you can connect with customers wherever they are, with messages based on real-time behavior. We'll also walk you through a demo and provide examples of how Episerver customers are already seeing success with Campaign. 

2:15PM: Customer Spotlight: B2B Commerce

Hear from a successful Episerver B2B commerce customer. This session will cover the business challenges that inspired a move to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, an overview of the solution and implementation, and the results the company has achieved since launch. 

2:15PM: 24/7 Episerver Project Delivery

Learn how to use time zones to your advantage when working with offshore teams. This session offers insight into how you can apply effective distributed agile development practices to make the most of on-site and offshore capacity, resulting in 'around the clock' service. 

2:15PM: Building a Better Guest Experience with Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings recently unveiled a new website that makes it easier for wing lovers to see, find, and order their favorite menu items. In this session, we'll talk about the effort to combine a separate brand and ecommerce site into a single integrated platform, including the move to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. We'll share real world examples of how the team creates visually dynamic content, maintains and tests localized promotions, and handles the enormity of online ordering during sporting events. 

3:15PM: Complex ecommerce business requirements? See how Creative Co-Op simplifies it

Learn how B2B gift and home wholesaler Creative Co-op used Episerver to re-design their website and integrate brand specific shopping capabilities for a streamlined buyer experience. The new user-friendly website allows customers to shop multiple brands under the Creative Co-op umbrella by showing brand specific incentives and promotions, tracking loyalty and membership levels across all brands, and splitting shopping cart by brand. In this session, Creative Co-op and digital agency Whereoware will review how they built multi-brand features into the website with minimal coding and share tips for simplifying your ecommerce website with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

3:15PM: LAB: Episerverless = Azure Functions + Episerver

You thought your licensed Episerver solution isn't serverless? You might be wrong! Join us as we show you how to extract some of the tasks out of the platform and move them into the cloud - turning Episerver into Episerverless!

4:00PM: Break


4:30PM: Minimize Distractions for a Customer-first Approach

During a comprehensive procurement process, Pepper money envisaged a new way of thinking about Digital. Join this session to learn how Pepper Money's Joanne Thrift, Chief Marketing Officer, and Gary Boyd, Head of Digital, went from managing multiple vendors, partners and infrastructure with a heavy reliance on development for business as usual, to driving value from the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform and a delivery focused on improved acquisition and customer experience. 

4:30PM: The Future of Brand Engagement

All brands have the same two objectives: acquisition and retention. We will examine how digital influences these objectives today and how this influence will evolve in the future. In a digital world, the way in which brands engage with consumers is rapidly changing. We'll show you how, and what to prepare for. 

5:30PM: Delivering on the Promise of Personalization with Episerver Campaign

See how deploying Episerver Campaign as your native marketing automation tool enables rich personalization built on implicit, multi-touch, multi-device customer insights.

Verndale's Episerver experts Michael Craig, Technical Lead, and Kevin Schofield , Lead Digital Marketing Consultant, present a "live" demo of Campaign, exploring the features, benefits and implementation requirements from both a marketing and technology perspective. 

5:30PM: LAB: Best kept Add-on secrets

Join Allan Thraen, Episerver Evangelist, to install and test some of the most useful Add-ons in the NuGet feed. In this hands-on session, Allan will also walk attendees through the extension of certain Add-ons for use in a variety of scenarios. 

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7:00PM: Final Night Party: Episerver Rising

As the sun sets and the night begins at the close of the second day of Ascend, there’s only one place to go to be seen. We’re taking over the legendary Las Vegas Marquee Night Club to create a movement of our own.

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