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7:30AM: Breakfast


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8:40AM: Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

Day Two Welcome with CMO, James Norwood

8:45AM: Keynote: Shawn Achor, NYTimes bestselling author of the Happiness Advantage and positive psychology researcher

Shawn Achor is an American happiness researcher, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and founded GoodThink. After spending 12 years at Harvard University, Shawn Achor has become one of the world's leading experts on the connection between happiness and success and has now lectured in more than 50 countries.

10:15AM: Powering Toppers Pizza's Growth with Episerver

Rightpoint and Toppers Pizza are merging physical and digital worlds by building a world-class customer experience that showcases Toppers' unique brand proposition to "never settle" on providing a better pizza offering. This customer experience, featuring a custom Point of Sale (POS) and a new site built on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, will drive customer loyalty, online sales, and cross-selling opportunities while streamlining corporate and franchise store operations and reducing overhead. This solution is the cornerstone of Toppers Pizza's future strategic initiatives and key to achieving its growth goals. 

Key objectives for the new commerce experience are to:

  • Increase the average order size through personalization and better merchandising
  • Increase customer engagement and order frequency
  • Deliver highly relevant merchandising offers and promotions via cross-sell and upsell
  • Allow local stores to create their own store content, pricing and promotions
  • Integrate deeply with the POS system to provide a single view of the customer regardless of where they buy
  • Reduce technical debt and cost through the use of an extensive set of features available out of the box, including real-time A/B Testing
  • Provide the foundation for an extended experience via mobile apps and loyalty programs

10:15AM: Building a Stickier Site through UGC, Marketing Automation and Social

High bounce rate? Low session durations? Join Mike Seminara, Marketing Manager at Janome, and learn how the brand has made their site a place for visitors to stop, take a look around, and most importantly, return.

10:30AM: LAB: Introduction to Episerver Insight

(Best Practice) It's easy to compile data on your visitors if you have the right tools in place. But how many companies are actually using that data to effectively increase engagement with customers? Episerver Insight, our persistent visitor intelligence product, empowers customers to both collect and visualize anything from personal details and preferences to transaction history, attributes and classifications, and the multichannel customer journey. Join this session to learn firsthand how to:

  • Organize and store data according to individual or group profiles and journeys, personas and persona journeys, segments and multi-dimensional segments
  • Filter and create dynamic segments
  • Use personal details, preferences, transaction history, attributes and more to inform marketing campaigns
  • Use your customer data to drive omnichannel traffic, increase revenue and AOV, and improve customer loyalty with relevant content and offers in real-time

11:15AM: Digitizing DNA: A Live Look at How Episerver is Altering the Genetic Makeup of ACCO Brands

More than enabling direct sales, Episerver is fundamentally changing ACCO Brands' approach to its digital business. Join The C2 Group and ACCO Brands as they go behind the scenes of an active commerce implementation involving the unification and ongoing digital transformation of more than 30 leading brands. We'll discuss strategies for engaging users throughout the customer journey, effectively managing digital change, and delivering experience-driven commerce at scale with Episerver. 


12:00PM: Lunch


1:05PM: Episerver Advance: Put Your Content to Work

(Product Overview) In lieu of time-consuming and error-prone rules-based personalization, Episerver Advance makes use of autonomous personalization - where machine learning-based algorithms are used to inject the right content at the right time for every single visitor. Join this session for an introduction to a smarter way to work with your content, see a demo, and learn how you can get started delivering a more personalized experience at every stage of the customer journey.

1:05PM: LAB: Digital Experience Maturity

In today’s world, it’s important to have a solid digital roadmap in place. But most companies aren’t going from a static website to e-commerce powerhouse over night. It takes time to achieve digital excellence, and you have to walk before you can run. Join us for this Digital Experience Maturity workshop and let us help you assess where your digital strategy is today and arm you with the tools needed to get you to the next phase in your digital transformation and beyond.

2:15PM: LAB: Introduction to Episerver Advance

Episerver Advance eliminates manual content selection when creating home pages, article listings or landing pages; instead utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically select content for each visitor based on visitor profile, interest or role. Join us as we walk you through how to easily set your site(s) up to:

  • Sequence content to ensure visitors see appropriate content at the right time based on where they are along the buyer journey
  • Engage visitors immediately with content tailored to their interests
  • Enhance discovery and minimizing time spent on information search
  • Keep visitors engaged and on the site with relevant and optimized content suggestions

2:15PM: Episerver Social: Building your brand with User-Generated Content

(Product Overview) Episerver Social is the high performance micro-service that lets you store, manage, moderate and deliver ratings, reviews, comments and groups. Join this session for an overview of the product, live demo and deeper look at Episerver UGC, powered by Stackla. 

2:15PM: Episerver Campaign: Omnichannel campaign management made easy

(Product Overview) With Episerver Campaign, you can easily manage smarter, more effective campaigns across web, mobile, email and text message. Join this session for a product review of Episerver Campaign and learn how you can connect with customers wherever they are, with messages based on real-time behavior. We'll also walk you through a demo and provide examples of how Episerver customers are already seeing success with Campaign. 

2:15PM: Building a Better Guest Experience with Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings recently unveiled a new website that makes it easier for wing lovers to see, find, and order their favorite menu items. In this session, we'll talk about the effort to combine a separate brand and ecommerce site into a single integrated platform, including the move to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. We'll share real world examples of how the team creates visually dynamic content, maintains and tests localized promotions, and handles the enormity of online ordering during sporting events. 

3:00PM: Delivering Maximum Business Benefit with the Full Episerver Stack

In ecommerce, the online books sector is one of the most mature and competitive there is. For retailers, the seasonal holiday stretch from Black Friday to January sales is their most fundamental period of the entire year.  

In this session, Steven Cassin and Janaka Fernando explore how Belfast, Dublin and London Agency, Made to Engage, ensured the Irish book retailer Eason were able to fully capitalize on the Christmas 2017 sales window, delivering a sales boosting Episerver implementation. 

This session will explore the project delivery of a full suite of Episerver products, delivering a unified Commerce experience through integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail, accelerated by Avensia Storefront. 

3:15PM: LAB: Introduction to Episerver Campaign

(Best Practice) Episerver Campaign enables you to easily manage smarter, more effective campaigns across web, mobile, email and text messages. Join us for this interactive session and learn how to:

  • Easily launch large-scale campaigns across multiple channels
  • Create ecommerce campaigns that drive sales
  • Trigger individualized communications to customers
  • Send reminder and confirmation emails and texts with high data security

3:15PM: How to Improve Key Performance Indicators in Commerce Websites

Many eCommerce executives need to understand how the business will grow over the next 18 to 36 months before investments can be made. Do you have a good understanding of how you’re going to grow? Increasing traffic from social? Improving conversion rate? Adding more products per order? What about revenue per session? In this session, Ed Kennedy will introduce the Episerver Commerce ROI Model that identifies the most common metrics that are improved with an eCommerce initiative and what capabilities improve these metrics.

4:00PM: Break


4:30PM: Minimize Distractions for a Customer-first Approach

During a comprehensive procurement process, Pepper money envisaged a new way of thinking about Digital. Join this session to learn how Pepper Money's Joanne Thrift, Chief Marketing Officer, and Gary Boyd, Head of Digital, went from managing multiple vendors, partners and infrastructure with a heavy reliance on development for business as usual, to driving value from the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform and a delivery focused on improved acquisition and customer experience. 

4:30PM: LAB: Configuring Episerver Social/UGC

(Best Practice) User-generated content is one of the most effectual ways to drive engagement and conversions and increase credibility and loyalty with your customer base. Join this session to learn how to effectively configure Episerver Social, our high performance micro-service that lets you store, manage, moderate and deliver ratings, reviews, comments and groups, and Episerver UGC, powered by Stackla, to help you harness the power of social media and maximize the impact of user-generated content everywhere you engage with customers. 

4:30PM: Modern Digital Marketing: Top 3 Opportunities for the Savvy Marketer in 2018

The best opportunities are usually those that nobody talks about. In this session, we go beyond buzzwords and general trends and look at the real digital marketing landscape in 2018. We will show you where some of the biggest opportunities are and review step-by-step what you can do to get ahead of the crowd. We will cover the latest developments within SEO and social marketing, as well as give you a 3-step process for supercharging your on-site conversion rates. 

4:30PM: The Future of Brand Engagement

All brands have the same two objectives: acquisition and retention. We will examine how digital influences these objectives today and how this influence will evolve in the future. In a digital world, the way in which brands engage with consumers is rapidly changing. We'll show you how, and what to prepare for. 

4:30PM: How to not screw up your Episerver migration

Regardless of what platform you are migrating to Episerver from, it can be a daunting task. This session will cover all the important aspects of a migration project including functional blueprinting, content migration, URL redirection, and more. 

5:30PM: How to Improve Key Performance Indicators in CMS Websites

Many digital marketing executives need to understand how digital experiences will translate into business value before investments can be made. Do you have a good understanding of how you’re going to grow? Increasing traffic? Improving form completions? Adding eCommerce capabilities? What about time on site? In this session, Ed Kennedy will introduce the Episerver Digital Marketing ROI Model that identifies the most common metrics that are improved with an digital marketing initiative and what capabilities improve these metrics.

5:30PM: Delivering on the Promise of Personalization with Episerver Campaign

See how deploying Episerver Campaign as your native marketing automation tool enables rich personalization built on implicit, multi-touch, multi-device customer insights.

Verndale's Episerver experts Michael Craig, Technical Lead, and Kevin Schofield , Lead Digital Marketing Consultant, present a "live" demo of Campaign, exploring the features, benefits and implementation requirements from both a marketing and technology perspective. 

7:00PM: Final Night Party: Episerver Rising sponsored by Luminos Labs

As the sun sets and the night begins at the close of the second day at Episerver Ascend, there’s only one place to go to be seen, and that’s at Episerver Rising. Once again, we will be taking over the legendary Las Vegas Marquee Night Club to create a movement of our own.   

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