Ascend USA 2017 - Agenda Sneak Preview

With only days until agenda release, we couldn't resist giving you a preview of the impressive line-up for Las Vegas in Feb 2017. 4 keynotes, amazing entertainment and over 60 sessions covering topics from tactical to big picture, for developers, business and tech leaders as well as merchandizers await.

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Solved: Front-End Asset Delivery and Theming

Matt Schiller, Polaris

Epi CMS provides a rich framework to create Pages and Blocks, but does not have a way to efficiently deliver JavaScript and CSS only when needed. This makes for a potentially heavy, inefficient front-end, prone to issues with DOM binding, object collision, and proper placement of CSS and JavaScript within the markup.

This session will demonstrate a way to solve all of these issues, and allow developers to easily referene these types of files. In addition, we will cover a way to address multi-site deployments of Epi CMS specific to how Pages and Blocks can adapt to the themes and layouts of multiple brands using the same code base.

Some key concepts will cover: How you can enable pages and blocks to register their own JavaScript and CSS; Ensuring CSS/JS are included only once, even if the block is used multiple times; Using a layout mode to change the look of a block without changing markup

The Long Winding Road

Dave Kragenbrink, Waukesha County

The decision to migrate from Ektron to Episerver is not a light one. From deciding if and how it fixes business problems, to re-education of developers and administrators to re-training of editors to migration of content to re-engineering of applications.

I will take you on a journey of action, suspense, highs and lows in the hopes that my adventures result in a smoother, straighter path for everyone else. As with any road trip there are always surprises, you never know what's around the bend. 

Contentpocalypse! A Survivor's Guide

David Quigley, Moody Global Ministries & Jon Price, The C2 Group

Re-platforming six sites, sixty active content managers, and over 6 million unique pieces of content required focus, commitment, above all else, courage. Presented with such a challenge, many digital marketing departments would feel like they were under attack by undead hordes of content blocks and zombie URLs. Not this crew.

They found a way to make it work and, along the way, learned a lot. Join The C2 Group's Jon Price and Moody Global Ministries' David Quigley as they present some hard-fought lessons learned during the CMS transition process. Key concepts reviewed include CMS transition planning, development considerations, arresting scope creep, and empowering content managers. 

Embrace Digital Transformation - Not to force change, but to thrive and adopt to a scaling business


Absorbing B2B customers' demands, for access to detailed and accurate product and brand information, along with ultimately accomplishing goals of consolidating a flourishing digital landscape were key initiatives in our digital transformation. Episerver is the engine that drives our transformation and provides our business with a consolidated digital experience that empowers our organization to embrace change. 

From Selling Products to Selling Solutions: How we're using agile methodologies to build a multi-market/ multi-language solution

Bisnode and Niteco

Bisnode is a global company currently building their new web presence on the Episerver platform.

Digitizing Traditional Retail: A Case Study with Lacks Valley Furniture

Lacks Valley Furniture and Adage Technologies

Lacks Valley Furniture was founded in 1935 as a traditional furniture retailer.  In 2015 they began the digital transformation process that would bring them into the 21st century with a powerful ecommerce site powered by Episerver. In this session, the digital teams from Lacks and Adage will detail the challenges and process of bringing a family owned business from static pages to a high quality user and customer experience.  The teams will discuss the motivation for the project as well as the UX research that provided the foundation for the new ecommerce website.

A New Brand, A New CMS, A New Site - Vertiv partners with Episerver and Luminos

Vertiv and Luminos Labs

When Emerson decided to spin-off the Emerson Network Power Platform, the team was challenged to completely re-brand the company. Out of this effort, Vertiv emerged as an industry leader with a fresh and modern public face.

Find out how Episerver technology, Luminos Labs implementation expertise, and Vertiv vision combined to launch a new brand. 

Episerver Find

presented by SRAM

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Episerver Ascend - Empowering You

Technology, when done right, should make you feel like you have super powers. You point your finger at something, and it rises to the call. Our technology will give you the power to make your work easy, effective and rewarding. No special suits or helmets required.

Episerver and our partners will help you create more valuable relationships with your customers. We will be there to support you – and celebrate with you – every step of the way.

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