Customer & Partner Agenda

08:30: Breakfast & Registration

Join us at Kings Place for breakfast and registration 

09:00: Welcome

Episerver CMO, EVP Strategy, James Norwood welcomes you to Ascend Europe

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09:10: Episerver 2017: Product strategy & benefits for you

Join Episerver Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO James Norwood and Justin Anovick, Sr Director Product to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2017 and beyond.  

You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for digital content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences. 

Speakers: James Norwood, CMO, EVP Strategy & Justin Anovick, Sr Director Product

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09:40: Keynote: The Total Impossibility of Customer Experience Management

Today, we’re told, customer experience management (CEM) is an inescapable imperative, the primary determinant of organizational success or failure, and the sole means of sustainable competitive advantage. The experience, moreover, concerns the entire customer lifecycle, from the first inkling of a desire until (hopefully) ongoing loyalty. And since “you’re only as good as your last interaction,” no exchange can be neglected, no matter how trivial.
There’s only one minor problem: Based on how it is normally defined and described, customer experience management is impossible. Because it is impossible, many if not most of the current efforts to achieve it are futile or, worse, dangerous and wasteful distractions. In this presentation we’ll look at why it’s crucial to understand what CEM is and is not (and cannot be); where the imperative for CEM comes from, why this can and should inform your CEM strategy; and how your early, relatively simple steps can already be a huge advance in the journey to CEM excellence.

Speaker: Tim Walters, Digital Clarity Group

Partner Track
Customer Track

10:30: Introduction of Episerver Campaign

Learn how to use multi channel campaign management to increase conversions and improve average order value.

Speakers: Justin Anovick, Senior Director Product Marketing at Episerver and Marc Bohnes, Senior Sales Consultant at Optivo, an Episerver Company

10:30: Episerver: No rules personalisation

Marketers and merchandisers have for too long been failed by rules-based personalisation, as it is ultimately unmanageable and unmaintainable. With Episerver’s intelligent personalisation, the platform uses visitor behaviour to autonomously create and optimise individual content and product views, for every visitor. During this session David and Joey will show you how our new personalisation solution works and how you can take advantage of this.

Speakers: David Bowen, Director of Product Management at Episerver and Joey Moore, Product Director, Peerius an Episerver company

10:50: Morning Break

Light refreshments served in the Art Gallery and Music Foyer

11:20: Childline & Amaze - putting young people at the heart of digital services

Discover how Amaze created a platform of self and counsellor-led therapeutic services to safeguard more children and young people online.

This year, the NSPCC’s Childline is 30 years old. Today its private, confidential child counselling services are accessed by more than 750,000 registered users and 1,500 counsellors. More than half of all interactions take place online.

So when Amaze and Episerver were asked to work with the NSPCC to create Childline’s new, seamless online experience, they knew that what was at stake was not clicks or sales or ROI. At the heart of this robust, secure service lay the safety of children and the security and anonymity of users.

In this session, Helena Raven, Associate Director at the NSPCC, and James Sharpe, Strategic Alliances Director, Amaze will explore the lessons learned from a project that involved:

  • Provision of a community where children and young people (aged 9 – 19) can anonymously seek the help they need in a secure environment
  • Seamless integration of Childline’s call centre workflow and case management systems
  • New self-help and peer-to-peer features and custom-building tools including chat, emotional indicators and therapeutic tools

The session will also consider the wider applicability for any organisation seeking to create a tailored, seamless, cross-platform digital strategy.

Speakers: Helena Raven, Associate Director, NSPCC - Digital and Child Safety Online and James Sharpe, Strategic Alliances Director, Amaze

11:50: Selling Intelligent Personalisation

Learn the benefits of Epi Personalisation and how you can start selling it. 

Speakers: Frank Lombos, VP Sales, Personlisation, Peerius an Episerver Company and David Bowen, Direcor of Product Management, Episerver

11:50: Episerver: Working with digital marketing and campaign management

As a marketer, you know that to get the best results you have to reach your audience wherever they are. During this session Justin and Marc will talk about how you create, plan and execute campaigns for multiple channels and how to track and measure your goals.

Speakers: Justin Anovick, Senior Director Product Marketing at Episerver and Marc Bohnes, Senior Sales Consultant at Optivo, an Episerver Company

12:10: Q&A with the CEO

Join our Q&A session with CEO Mark Duffell

12:10: Just Retirement & Ultimedia: It’s about enabling not disabling

In today’s rapidly changing environment the challenge for most marketers is just how do you keep up especially where resources that support you are in constant demand?

David provides some insight into his experience of playing the negotiator role between marketing and IT, creating a structure with tools to enable marketers to deliver the superior customer experiences that has become part of everyday life.  

Speaker: David Bitner, Head of Group eCommerce, Just Retirement

12:30: Q&A with the CEO continued

Join our Q&A session with CEO Mark Duffell

12:30: The big Episerver fight: B2B vs. B2C

Get ringside for the colossal clash of the sectors – live from Kings Place.

B2B goes head-to-head with B2C in this epic showdown, officiated by Freestyle Interactive.

Arriva’s Mike ‘the Busman’ Woodhouse has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging Bostik’s Scott ‘the Gecko’ Fisk to an explosive three-round bout.

The prize at stake? The undisputed Episerver world title.

Hear our heavyweights trade tales of website transformation as they box and weave their way through complex Episerver builds.

Discover how they gave their digital challenges the sucker punch with audience insight, site governance and creative technology.

And prepare for an action-packed session, full of knock-out ideas for your business.

Speakers: Scott Fisk, Global Web Director, Bostik, David Shadbolt, Digital Content Manager - Digital Channels and CRM, Arriva Bus

12:50: Lunch

Lunch and Networking in the Art Gallery and Music Foyer

13:50: Meet the Sponsors

We have allocated 30 minutes for you to spend some quality with our sponors on their stand and meet like minded peers at the Sector and Topic tables. 

14:20: Met Police & CDS: The Metropolitan Police's latest digital projects

Martin Fewell will dicuss the Met's strategy for engaging the public using digital channels, principally via their website. How are they intending to give people an option to the traditional telephone and face-to-face channels?

He will also cover how they intend to develop their internal website as a platform to network the Met, and a key support for mobile working.

Peter Mann from CDS will then talk about the technical strategy to support this.

Speakers: Martin Fewell, Director of Media & Communications at Metropolitan Police and Peter Mann, Client Services Director, CDS

14:55: Selling and Migrating to the Cloud

Cliff Hill, Sales Director at Episerver will take you through the benefits of selling and migrating to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Platform. 

Speaker: Cliff Hill, Sales Director UKI, Episerver

14:55: Episerver: Attracting Visitors and Using Automatic Landing Pages

Discover and learn how the use of long-tail keywords, along with the creation of automatic landing pages, can help you achieve attracting new visitors to your site. This presentation highlights tips and actions that can be implemented with ease, which will help your site being discovered through searches and also lead into better qualified visitors that are more likely to convert.

Speaker: Marc Erodotou, Training Manager, Episerver 

15:15: Value of the DXC Service

Learn how the digital experience cloud is a product unto itself and why it's more than just Azure. 

Speakers: Danny Browne, Cloud Solutions Sales Specialist and Justin Anovick, Senior Director Product Marketing at Episerver

15:15: Taking Episerver into the Operating Room

How do you even begin to deliver a stand-out digital experience that genuinely makes a difference when you’re in a high-pressure operating theatre environment and you don’t have an internet connection?

Smith & Nephew, with Episerver and Valtech, did exactly that with their digital sales-enablement tool SalesLife Online. Complex product information managed with Episerver is now delivered to occasionally-connected iPads and enables Smith & Nephew to support surgeon decision making, even during surgery.

There’s no problem that can’t be solved if you understand the user need and are willing to innovate. Oh, and it helps drive sales too.

Speaker: Andrew Burns, Group Director, Global Marketing Communications, Smith & Nephew 

15:35: Afternoon Break

Light refreshments served in the Art Gallery and Music Foyer

16:05: How ASSA ABLOY improve operational efficiency with an integrated e-Business portal

ASSA ABLOY had a vision to create a e-business portal for all the companies in the ASSA ABLOY group to improve the way they work. The mission was to build one solution for all companies in the group to standardized the ordering and fulfilment process. Join this session to learn how ASSA ABLOY works with Icore and Cybercom Solutions to integrate their business systems and deliver a fully automated web portal to increase efficiency. 

Speaker: Thomas Madsen, Chief Marketing Officer, iCore Solutions

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16:40: Keynote: Acceleration in the era of chaos and change

In his keynote Acceleration in the era of chaos and change, Igor Beuker will talk about the impact of the fourth industrial evolution on brands and businesses.

Beuker will take the audience on a journey to explore the business opportunities of the 21st century through the lens of a Math Man in a world of Mad Men.

How can traditional corporate companies survive and grow in the era of Digital Darwinism? A keynote full of infotainment and actionable insights on how to develop Math Men marketing intelligence and the ability to adapt to change.

Speaker: Igor Beuker

17:25: Close

Closing remarks

17:30: Party

Finish the conference on a high with a Prize Draw, Partner Awards and Drinks and Canapes with some fun entertainment!