Agenda: Developer sessions

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09:00: Episerver 2017 - product strategy and benefits for you!

Join Episerver Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO James Norwood to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2017 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for digital content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant  investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences. 

Speaker: James Norwood, Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO at Episerver.

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09:20: Q&A with James Norwood, VP Product strategy and CMO at Episerver

Speakers: Moderator Beata Wickbom and James Norwood, Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO at Episerver

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09:40: Nilson Group - FEET FIRST

Nilson Group will talk about their journey creating an inspiring and seamless omni-channel experience for all their retail chains under one digital roof with the concept FEET FIRST. A critical cornerstone is the new e-commerce platform that was launched during autumn 2016 together with Knowit Experience.

The platform allows Nilson Group’s well established brands to preserve their own visual identity and gives them the space to communicate their unique content. It also connects the e-Commerce channel with the +300 physical stores spread across Sweden, Norway and Finland and fulfils the demands driven by a large and wide assortment.

Anders and Carl will share their experiences and give their top three tips for a successful e-commerce platform project.

Speakers: Carl Orvinder, IT Development Manager E-commerce, CRM and Marketing & Anders Ammilon, Business Process Manager at Nilson Group. 

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10:05: Keynote: Sophie Hackford - Technologies turbocharging the future

From satellites to DNA sequencers to AI demonstrating intuition, we are becoming entangled with the machines and will be surprised by the consequences. Sophie will explore the evolution of the internet, the emerging human-machine conversation, and how we are making the real world searchable.

Speaker: Sophie Hackford, Director at Wired Consulting.

10:40: Coffee break

Refreshments are served in the exhibition area.

Building the future online experience
Creating Next Gen e-Commerce
Emerging Technology

11:10: Doing more with Episerver and Azure App Service

Join Nir Mashkowski, Director of Program Management for Azure App Service on a journey looking at some of the integration opportunities between Episerver and Azure and get a glimpse of new features. 

11:10: Family Commerce Site

Managing a family can sometimes be hard. The kids want to get weekly pocket money, and candy. The adults wants to  meet friends, and go to football matches. It’s easy to end up in an unfair situation. Family Commerce will solve this problems. We show how you can bring back some fairness to your everyday life by creating your very own fictious IOU currency and implement the concept the of EARN and BURN good-will value between your family members – all done by using Episerver Commerce.

Speaker: Jonas Bergqvist & Johan Hedberg, Developers at Episerver

11:10: .NET Core - progress update

Speaker: Johan Björnfot, Developer at Episerver

11:50: Short Break

Short Break

12:00: Notifications Deep Dive

Have you seen that little bell icon in the top right of the UI? That's just the tip of the iceberg. I'll show you how to use the Notifications API to send direct user messages in the UI, notifications to their cell phones, and even make the office lights blink. Use Notifications to broadcast system messages to a group of users, letting an editor know that their article is popular on Twitter, or anything else you can imagine.

Speaker: John-Philip Johansson, Developer at Episerver. 

12:00: Promotions - a deep dive

This will be a deep-dive into the internals of the new promotion system in Episerver Commerce. We’ll cover all the gruesome details on how promotions are evaluated, calculated and applied. What happens when you combine a “Buy 3 get cheapest free” promotion with a “Buy 2 for fixed price” promotion? Lots of code running in the debugger to give a deeper understanding – hopefully allowing you to use the system in the best way possible.

Speaker: Magnus Stråle, Head of Commerce Development at Episerver

12:00: Introducing Peerius

Speaker: Joey Moore, Product Director at Peerius. 

12:40: Lunch break

Lunch and refreshments are served in the exhibition area

13:40: Personalized Find

Episerver Find is an awesome product for filtering and searching content. But wouldn’t it be even better if the search result would be personalized for the current site user?

The Hosted Services team is right now working on a personalized search feature. Jonas and Joakim from the development team will show what’s been implemented so far, and how to use it in the Find API.

Speakers: Jonas Bergquist and Joakim Platbarzdis, Developers at Episerver.

13:40: DXC Service Deployment and Failover

Speakers: Sergii Vorushylo and Anders Wahlqvist, Developers at Episerver

13:40: Working with Social

Speaker: Chris Banner, Sr. Software Engineer at Episerver. 

14:25: Short Break

Short Break

14:30: Extending the Episerver editor

There are many ways how to extend the editor interface for you as a developer, some complex and some a little easier. After this session you will know how to do it in a very easy way and still get it looking very good with Bootstrap layout but still let the editors feel and believe that they are inside the origin Episerver editor!

Speaker: Henrik Fransas, EMVP and developer at NetRelations

14:30: Building an enterprise solution

Maintaining 5+ brands on one codebase.

Speaker: Petter Sørby, Senior Consultant at Episerver

14:30: Content Approval is the new black

Before publishing an article an editor might want their changes to be reviewed by someone. That's now easy using Content Approval that's just going public beta in CMS 10.1.0. But what about company policies, legal requirements, or any other excuse to enhance reviews with AI? We'll use Microsoft Cognitive Services to show how you can extend and enhance the Content Approval sequences using our Approval API's.

Speaker: John-Philip Johansson, Developer at Episerver

15:15: Coffee break

Coffee and snacks are served in the exhibition area.

15:45: How Epi writes unit tests

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of how the Episerver CMS Core team is writing their unit and integration tests. Find out how their testing experiences are shaping the way that they design and develop their code.

Speaker: Henrik Nyström, Developer at Episerver. 

15:45: A look into the Crystal ball with Justin Anovick

The use of UX, AI and the ecosystem to provide the next level of development on CMS and Commerce. 

Speaker: Justin Anovick, Senior Director Product Marketing at Episerver.

15:45: A/B Testing

Speaker: Jason Masterson

16:10: Short Break

Short Break

16:15: CodeMania

Speaker: Allan Thraen, Techincal Fellow & Magnus Baneryd, Developer at Episerver. 

16:15: Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday this year, just like the last, will threaten to bring down your ecommerce site - again. There is no magic trick, no silver bullet, just good old performance optimization. And lots of cool tools of course. Lots!

Speaker: Steve Celius, Solution Architect at Episerver. 

16:15: Content platform - next steps

Martin Ottosen, Product Manager for Episerver CMS, takes us through his thoughts around how the platform will evolve over the next year and why.

Speaker: Martin Ottosen, Product Manager CMS, Episerver. 

17:00: Mingle & drinks

Drinks and snacks are served in the exhibition area. 

18:00: Dinner

Dinner and drinks will be served in the exhibition area. 

19:10: Episerver Awards

Find out who the winners are in Episerver Web Awards 2016. 

Don't forget the workshop on day 2 for developers!