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9:00AM: Episerver 2017 - product strategy and benefits for you!

Join Episerver Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO James Norwood to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2017 and beyond.  You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for digital content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant  investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences. 

Speaker: James Norwood, Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO at Episerver

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9:20AM: Q&A with James Norwood, VP Product strategy and CMO at Episerver

Speakers: Moderator Beata Wickbom and James Norwood, Executive Vice President of Strategy and CMO at Episerver

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9:40AM: Nilson Group – FEET FIRST

Nilson Group will talk about their journey creating an inspiring and seamless omni-channel experience for all their retail chains under one digital roof with the concept FEET FIRST. A critical cornerstone is the new e-commerce platform that was launched during autumn 2016 together with Knowit Experience.

The platform allows Nilson Group’s well established brands to preserve their own visual identity and gives them the space to communicate their unique content. It also connects the e-Commerce channel with the +300 physical stores spread across Sweden, Norway and Finland and fulfils the demands driven by a large and wide assortment.

Anders and Carl will share their experiences and give their top three tips for a successful e-commerce platform project.

Speakers: Carl Orvinder, IT Development Manager E-commerce, CRM and Marketing & Anders Ammilon, Business Process Manager at Nilson Group. 

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10:05AM: Keynote: Sophie Hackford - Technologies turbocharging the future

From satellites to DNA sequencers to AI demonstrating intuition, we are becoming entangled with the machines and will be surprised by the consequences. Sophie will explore the evolution of the internet, the emerging human-machine conversation, and how we are making the real world searchable.

Speaker: Sophie Hackford, Director at Wired Consulting.

10:40AM: Coffee break

Refreshments are served in the exhibition area.

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11:15AM: Episerver: No rules personalization

Marketers and merchandisers have for too long been failed by rules-based personalization, as it is ultimately unmanageable and unmaintainable. With Episerver's intelligent personalization, the platform uses visitor behaviour to autonomously create and optimize individual content and product views, for every visitor. During this session David and Joey will show you how our new personalization solution works and how you can take advantage of this.

Speaker: David Bowen, Director of Product Management at Episerver and Joey Moore, Product Director, Peerius. 

11:15AM: Episerver: Working with digital marketing and campaign management

As a marketer, you know that to get the best results you have to reach your audience wherever they are. During this session David will talk about how you create, plan and execute campaigns for multiple channels and how to track and measure your goals.

Speaker: Justin Anovick, Senior Director Product Marketing at Episerver and Marc Bohnes, Senior Sales Consultant, Optivo an Episerver company

11:15AM: Episerver: Customer centric digital services for employees & citizens

Digital behaviors have changed, with them the expectations of citizens and employees. Adam takes a look at the state of digital services, and explains how Episerver support service based design; today and in the future. 

Speaker: Adam Blomberg, Director of Content and Product Marketing, Episerver

11:40AM: Short break

Short break.

11:50AM: Lyko - Connects all beauty in the world

Lyko is pushing the boundaries of Episerver 9, creating one of the fastest e-commerce sites on the planet. It is possible to browse a lot of the content of Lyko’s site while offline, just like Facebook. This way the company’s young audience can browse their site even when they have bad reception on their phones.

Rickard Lyko, CEO, will also talk about their mission to connect all beauty in the world. Together with Walmart, Lyko drives Episerver’s social platform development in order to create a new paradigm for the beauty industry.

Last but not least you get to learn more about Rickards Lyko’s intriguing story. A man who sold everything he had and bet it all on his family business.

Speakers: Rickard Lyko, CEO & Andre Ihlar, Online Sales Manager at Lyko. 

11:50AM: Thon Hotels – reimagining the booking experience with Episerver

In the competitive hotel market segment, Thon Hotels realized they had to reimagine the booking experience to win big. Instead of mimicking their competitors, they turned to proven e-commerce leaders in other market segments - like air travel and consumer goods - to study how they put their customers front and center. Combining a fresh approach and Episerver's adaptive capabilities, Thon Hotels challenges the perception of what a hotel website is supposed to be.

Speakers: Espen Grotmoll, System Manager at Olav Thon Gruppen & Kristian Borg, CTO at Epinova. 

11:50AM: Nacka Municipality - in the cloud

Nacka Municipality are known for their digital focus and ability to adapt new digital solutions. During this presentation Lotta Nordström, Digital Manager at Nacka Municipality, tells her story about the exciting new solution they launched this spring together with their Episerver-partner NetRelations. Nacka municipality launched a website and an intranet in one solid solution built on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform.

Being totally cloud based was an important part of the digital strategy for Nacka Municipality. Another important part was to bring the external and internal communication together and create an accessible, long-lasting, flexible and fast website which invites both the residents in the municipality, employees and other stakeholders to talk to each other and enables easy information access and self-service-functionality. During their presentation Lotta will tell us more about why they chose Episerver as a platform and share their experiences from the launch until today.

Speakers: Lotta Nordström, Digital Manager at Nacka kommun.

12:15PM: Lunch break

Lunch is served in the exhibition area. You can participate in short product sessions in the Episerver stand, network and mingle with our partner experts. 

1:40PM: Telenor - One Screen – Digital Transformation

Telenor Denmark has been at the forefront of an all-encompassing business transformation. We have taken data-centricity to a new level and created a seamless customer experience by means of an omni-channel approach. This business transformation will come to alter Telenor – both in Denmark and the rest of the Telenor countries – forever. We are in the middle of executing digital transformation throughout Europe and give millions of customers a totally new digital customer experience and service across channels, segments and products.

Speaker: Klaus Burchardt, Director, Development & Deliveries, BSS Europe

1:40PM: Bonava - New company, new intranet

Bonava is a leading residential development company in Northern Europe. Follow our rapid and exciting journey creating an Epi-based online workspace, unifying employees across our eight markets. We promise to share our success, challenges, and failures with you. Welcome!

Speakers: Evin Khaffaf, Head of Communication and Åsa Säfvestad, HR Architect at Bonava. 

1:40PM: Prevent - Do you serve the full potential of your preferred target audience with relevant and engaging content?

In a stressful everyday life with an enormous information noise it is important to realize that our users gives us less and less of their time for us to fulfil their needs. At the same time demands are increasing for digital business efficiency, e.g that the organizations website are expected to reduce the need for manual service in a greater extent. What does this mean for us who operates our company’s digital channels and what methods do we have at hand to ensure that the user find and engages with our content. How do we determine any organizational and user value in the interaction with the content?

Fredrica Sjöström, Prevent and Fredrik Därth, Meridium shares their perspective on how to route traffic to your website by using appropriate channels depending on e.g. user’s level of maturity and knowledge. The session showcases a demo on how Prevent uses digital touchpoints to route a specific user journey to achieve set objectives.

Speakers: Fredrica Sjöström, Head of Communication, Per Ulfhielm Marketing Communications Manager, Prevent and Fredrik Därth, Marketing Manager, Meridium

2:05PM: Short break

Short break and switch rooms if you need.

2:15PM: NorgesGruppen with Meny, KIWI and Spar - Shaping the Future of the Norwegian Grocery Business

In this talk, Aleksander Kirkeng from NorgesGruppen and Lars G. Teigen from Making Waves present the inside story about how NorgesGruppen is transforming how they market and sell groceries in Norway.

As a business with more than 150 years of legacy, one might think that responding to digital opportunities would be near impossible for NorgesGruppen, consisting of chains like Spar, Joker, Kiwi and Meny, - the largest grocery company in Norway, with more than 40% market share. Change, however, has been a constant factor of success for NorgesGruppen.

Speakers: Aleksander Kirkeng, Multichannel Marketing Expert, NorgesGruppen and Lars Georg Teigen, Co-founder Making Waves

2:15PM: Würth - Tradition meets technology

Learn about how Würth handled the transition from a traditional B2B business towards a digitised future.

Speaker: Mattias Berglund, Digital advisor, Ninetech AB 

2:15PM: City of Uppsala - Agile development when building the best digital rental apartment agency in Sweden

How to use digital strategies in practice in time critical high profile development projects. Olle Bergdahl, E-strategist at City of Uppsala, will talk about their mission, recruiting strategies, design principles and conscious risk-taking.

Speaker: Olle Bergdahl, E-strategist at City of Uppsala. 

2:40PM: Short break

Short break and switch rooms if you need.

2:50PM: - launching a webshop for Zlatan

7th of June 2016 in Paris: Zlatan Ibrahimovic launches his new sports brand A-Z, exclusively sold on The press conference is streamed live to millions of fans worldwide on Facebook Live. The ecommerce system is under immense pressure as the store is opened in eleven markets simultaneously. During that first critical day everything from site experience, load times, payments and shipping ran like clockwork, and this was not by chance.

Mari Jørgensen, an ecommerce expert from premium solution partner Geta and Henning Fladland, head of development at Varner Retail Digital Media, were part of the team behind They will take you behind the scenes, share with you the strategy they used, and the steps they took to prepare for the big launch

Speakers: Henning Fladland, head of development at Varner Retail Digital Media and Mari Jørgensen, ecommerce expert, Geta

2:50PM: Ensto's journey towards better customer engagement

Ensto has moved forward rapidly on its journey towards digitalization and better customer engagement, through a powerful combination of a hands-on mindset and sharp understanding of business. Mari Häyry, Communications Manager at Enstro Group, will talk about how Ensto has been managing projects all the way from creating web services strategy, building a concept, making choice of technical platforms and finding a right service producer, to planning the content and going live.

Speaker: Mari Häyry, Communications Manager, Ensto Group

2:50PM: This is how was created

From a management by value way of working and with an insight driven design UMO has attracted young visitors searching for answers regarding questions about sex, health and relationships for the past few years. With a tight team and clear lodestar in their brand, UMO and Valtech have created an engaging, digital platform for a picky target audience together. Listen to Visar Ulaj, Creative Director at Valtech, when he tells the story about the journey behind 

Speaker: Visar Ulaj, Creative Director at Valtech. 

3:15PM: Coffee break

Coffee and "fika" are served in the exhibition area.

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3:50PM: Little Swims in a global world!

Swims started their adventure with making galoshes fashionable again. Today Swims is represented in the world with a wide range of products, with exclusive dealers. They are in the middle of a journey where represents the main focus, on their way to become even bigger. In this session Sandra from Swims and Eirik from Creuna talks about where Swims are headed, challenges along the way and how their digital presence will be an integral part of the overall customer experience.

Speakers: Sandra Westermark Messel, Chief Accounting Officer / Business Development, Swims and Eirik Norman Hansen, CMO Creuna Norway.

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4:15PM: Keynote: Magnus Lindkvist - Why The Future Begins - A journey into the next digital decade.

We live in a world full of impulse entrepreneurs, Pokemon chasers and robots intent on stealing our jobs. That’s the good part. Less encouraging is the economic turbulence, the information overload and entrenched political battle lines. How can we escape this "prison of the present” and create the future?

That is the starting point for Magnus Lindkvist’s talk at Ascend by Epi. Based on research he has done for his many bestselling books about trendspotting and future thinking, Lindkvist will share a radically different view of what future thinking is all about and how you - as a digital hero - can reach escape velocity and create not just kickass experiences but a better tomorrow. Prepare to be dazzled!

Speaker: Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotting Futurologist

5:00PM: Summary

Our moderator, Beata Wickbom, summarizes the day.

5:15PM: Mingle & drinks

Drinks and snacks are served in the exhibition area.

6:15PM: Dinner

Dinner and drinks will be served in the exhibition area. 

7:10PM: Episerver Awards

Find out who the winners are in Episerver Web Awards & Partner Awards 2016.