Ascend Nordic 2016 Speaker Bios

Magnus Lindkvist

Trendspotting futurologist

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotting futurologist and author who weaves together important current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future.

It is the fantastic timing, storytelling and politically incorrect humour that keep the audience – a global audience – laughing and talking well after his talk ends. He has given in excess of a thousand keynote speeches over the past decade to everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs and civil servants in the Middle East to anyone looking to be inspired and enlightened by trendspotting and future-thinking.

Sophie Hackford

Director, WIRED Consulting

Sophie Hackford taps into WIRED's collective brain to translate the complexities and opportunities of the future for corporate leaders across every industry. She re-launched and runs WIRED Consulting,bringing senior executives together with the private space entrepreneurs, microbiologists, AI developers who use technology to build the companies of tomorrow.

Sophie previously worked in Silicon Valley at Singularity University, a group of futurists on the NASA campus evaluating the impacts of robotics, artificial intelligence, supercomputing, genetic sequencing and other accelerating technologies on business and society.

Before California, Sophie helped to transform an interdisciplinary research department, the Oxford Martin School, at Oxford University into a thriving academic community of experts from pandemics to food insecurity to systemic risk.

Sophie is a curatorial consultant for the V&A’s ‘Future Design’ exhibition in 2017, mentors fast-growth companies, and has curated WIRED conferences including WIRED Retail and WIRED Money. She speaks regularly on the merging of man and machine, and the impacts of technology on industries, companies, consumers.

Rickard Lyko

CEO, Lyko

Rickard Lyko, who went from being an economics student with his sight set on Wallstreet, decided to change his path in 2008 and invest everything that he owns in the family business Lyko and move back to his parents in Dala-Järna.

After Rickard entrance in the family business, things are starting to kick off for Lyko. A hairdressing salon is opening up in Stockholm, the assortment keeps on growing rapidly and Lyko releases a brand new, digital platform and e-commerce shop together with Avensia. The shop combines an efficient and user-friendly shopping experience with inspiring content.

Today has 35,000 products from over 500 different brands within hair care and beauty, besides 40 physical stores in Sweden and Norway.
Lyko is the leading e-commerce destination for haircare and beauty and the journey has just begun…

Sandra Westermark Messel

Chief Accounting Officer and Project Manager E-commerce, SWIMS

Sandra Westermark Messel is leading SWIMS’ initiatives aimed at delivering a holistic digital customer experience. Since joining the Norwegian-based fashion brand SWIMS in 2013, Sandra has played a dual role as Chief Accounting Officer and Project Manager responsible for the development of Sandra played a key role in choosing the digital partner and developing the website, including the frontend, backend, and integration with the paygate, ERP system and general flow of the setup. The first release of the new e-commerce and brand site was launched in the spring of 2016. Sandra has a Master’s degree in Political Economy in 2011 and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, both from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. Fluent in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French and English, she has lived and studied in Paris, Toulouse and Brussels.

Eirik Norman Hansen

Chief Marketing Officer, Creuna

Eirik has an academic background in Business Administration and more than 15 years of consulting and agency experience. Erik has deep expertise in business development, strategy, communication and social media, in which he is a highly active. His goals and ambitions are to help companies and people building brands to truly respect user power, recognise change as a constant – and understand how that impacts people, society and organisations. Recently Erik has become an acclaimed speaker at conferences and events centred around digital challenges and new approaches to the way we do business.

Lars Georg Teigen

Co-founder, Making Waves

Lars Georg is one of the co-founding partners of Making Waves. His academic background is from the Norwegian School of Management, Illinois State University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology where he focused on business development, marketing and digital transformation.  With his versatile background and experience, he can take on a broad set of challenges, but his speciality is helping large organisations transform themselves into digital businesses.  His main delivery responsibilities are client management, digital transformation strategies and team management.

Alexander Kirkeng

Multichannel Marketing Expert, Norgesgruppen

Alexander is a Multichannel marketing expert at NorgesGruppen and have been working with marketing strategy and implementation of new platforms and digital services across the group for many years. 

Mari Häyry

Communications Manager, Ensto Group

Mari Häyry is an experienced and enthusiastic communications professional with a great passion for digitalization. She has broad communications knowledge and in-depth experience in building, managing and executing meaningful and engaging two-way communication that supports the business, nourishes employee engagement, and strengthens the understanding of the company's strategy.

Ensto is a family business and an international cleantech company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power as well as electrical applications.

Mari has been taken Ensto forward on its journey towards digitalization and better customer engagement as project manager, through a powerful combination of a hands-on mindset and sharp understanding of business. She has been managing projects all the way from creating web services strategy, building a concept, making choice of technical platforms and finding a right service producer, to planning the content and going live. The first launch of Ensto's new web site was revealed in summer 2016.

Henning Fladland

Head of Development, Varner Retail Digital Media

Henning is Head of Development at Varner Retail Digital Media. Varner Retail provides key services to all of Varner Groups retail chains, with a combined operating revenue of approximately 1.3 billion euro. With more than ten years in Varner Retail, Henning has gained deep insight in the whole value chain in retail generally, and ecommerce especially. On a day to day basis Henning leads the development teams and is responsible for all technical deliveries from VR Digital Media. Amongst them, six full stack web-shops including

Henning spends his spare time catching salmons and skiing, but not at the same time.

Mari Jørgensen

Episerver Commerce Architect, Geta

Mari Jørgensen is an Episerver Commerce Architect and Team Leader at Geta, a Digital Commerce Agency with offices in Norway, Sweden, Latvia, the Netherlands and the U.S.. Mari is a well known contributor to the Episerver community, having worked with Episerver technology for over 13 years. She also holds the honorary title of Episerver Most Valuable Professional (EMVP). For the past six years she has worked with mega retailer Varner Group on projects for Dressmann, Cubus, and lately with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's new site:

Mari lives just outside of Oslo with her husband and son. In her off time she loves the outdoors, riding her bike, hiking mountains or skiing powder snow.

Espen Grotmoll

System Manager, Olav Thon Gruppen

Espen works with the digital business development at Thon Hotels, where he focuses on making the biggest possible impact using the minimum amount of resources – all the while obsessing about the customer experience. Also, he loves dogsledding.

Olle Bergdahl

E-strategist, City of Uppsala

Olle Bergdahl, E-strategist at City of Uppsala, executive office. Strategic responsible for digital transformation, digital services and open data. Olle will in his session give you an orientation of how to use digital strategies in practice in time critical high profile development projects 

Kristian Borg

CTO, Epinova

Kristian is CTO at Epinova and a veteran Episerver solution architect, having wrestled with every version from Episerver 3 to the double rainbow that is Episerver 9. When he’s not surfing the web, he’s sailing the seas. 

Fredrica Sjöström

Head of communication, Prevent

Fredrica Sjöström is Head of Communications at Prevent and publisher of the magazine Arbetsliv. She has a solid background in media relations and corporate communications, and before joining Prevent in 2014, she was the Head of Communications for healthcare group Frösunda Omsorg AB. Fredrica has successfully shaped Prevent’s digitalization by actively involving the entire organization in the process. 

Per Ulfhielm

Marketing Communications Manager, Prevent

Per Ulfhielm, Marketing Communications Manager at Prevent, has 15 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and CRM, from both energy company Statoil and as a freelance consultant, prior to joining Prevent in 2014. He is currently responsible for implementing Prevent’s new e-commerce shop, and works with online marketing and web analytics on a daily basis. 

Fredrik Därth

Marketing Manager, Meridium 

Fredrik Därth,Marketing Manager at Meridium and Key Account Manager for Prevent. His mission concerns making sure that Meridium is top of mind amongst people looking for either an exceptional digital partner or a truly caring employer. 

In addition he also manages several accounts, making sure clients get the most potential value from a partnership with Meridium.

Klaus Burchardt

Director, Development & Deliveries, BSS Europe at Telenor DK

Klaus Burchardt drives transformation programs in an international/global environment, focusing on leadership and creating results. He’s passionate about making digital transformation a success at all levels of the organization.

With several years of leadership experience within all functions of professional IT, combined with extensive business and technical education, he works in a unique position to effectively link Business- and IT strategy.

Telenor is constantly evolving and improving to stay ahead of the competition in the notoriously fierce and fast moving Telecommunications Industry, and Klaus is at the forefront of driving the implementation of Telenor’s digital transformation strategy.

Visar Ulaj

Creative Director at Valtech

Visar is a designer driven by his passion for creating digital solutions that effectively communicate a clear message and offer an effective experience. Visar draws inspiration from the meaning and wholeness of the solution, where vision, process, experience, and technology together create value.

Evin Khaffaf

Head of Communication at Bonava since 2015. Responsible for Bonava´s external and internal communication across eight markets. Evin likes challenges and prefers to be brave in most situations even if it sometimes includes failures. During her session, she will be transparent and open about the challenges and opportunities that Bonava had creating their new intranet.

Åsa Säfvestad

HR Architect at Bonava since 2013 and responsible for designing and aligning Bonava’s global Talent processes and strategic HR activities. Åsa likes to keep things simple, which was also one of the catchwords for Bonava’s new intranet and in her session she will share with you how it went.

Carl Orvinder

IT Development Manager E-commerce, CRM and Marketing at Nilson Group.

Anders Ammilon

Business Process Manager at Nilson Group. 

Mattias Berglund 

Mattias is the senior digital advisor for Würth since four years. He is part of the strategist team at Ninetech AB in Karlstad, Sweden. Other clients include Elon Group, Myresjöhus, Smålandsvillan and more.

Henrik Fransas

Episerver Most Valuable Professional (EMVP) at Netrelations

I have worked as a system developer since 2000 and the last nine years a lot with Episerver.

In January 2015 I become EMVP (Episerver Most Valuable Professional) and around that time I also started to working for Episerver as a technical trainer through the company NetRelations where I am hired.

My biggest interest next to Episerver are databases and Microsoft Azure where I was one of the first in the world to deploy a live Episerver site as a real Azure website and that was in September 2014!

Christopher Banner

Team Lead, Social at Episerver

Christopher is the R&D team lead of Episerver’s new cloud platform for social content. He has 9 years of experience in the content management industry, joining Ektron in 2007 and later Episerver. In that time, Chris has focused in the areas of search, content delivery, personalization, and API design. Now he brings that experience to the cloud. Prior to his time with Episerver, Chris’s eclectic background saw him building .NET performance and security analyzers, designing mission planning software for the US Air Force, and in engineering leadership for a digital marketing agency.

John-Philip Johansson

Software Engineer, CMS UI at Episerver

Bio will be updated shortly.

Steve Celius

Solution Architect and Performance Guru in Episerver Norway

As a solution architect in Episerver Norway, Steve is involved in most of the large and complex implementation projects for customers doing scoping, implementation, launches and troubleshooting.

He has a keen interest in performance optimization and solving those really tough problem cases using his extensive experience with Episerver and the Microsoft platform. Having worked in Episerver since 2002, he kind of knows the platform by now.

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