Episerver Awards Nordics 2016

The Episerver Nordic Awards 2016 have been announced. This year’s big winner is Lyko, a haircare and beauty product retailer. Lyko.se was voted Best Nordic website, also winning the Commerce category award. Here you can see the rest of the winners.

Brand & Information




With an emphasis on clean, airy page layouts and a clear navigation structure, Wilhelmsen has increased visitor engagement and decreased its bounce rate by 50%. The website supports their ambition to be a thought leader and best practitioner. 

Partner: Making Waves (NO)




The clean design of the website invites visitors to explore different services from HSB, such as searching for an apartment. Visitors can easily find local offerings, and members can log in to get more insights.

Partner: Sogeti (SE) 



The website of Vasamuséet gives their visitors the possibility to experience the warship Vasa through digital devices. They guide you with clear navigation structure and engaging content. It’s a massive information website with content for all their visitor groups.

Partner: Knowit (SE)


Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB


Max has successfully built an omnichannel solution from app to in-store experience, giving their customers a seamless and efficient buying journey. The multichannel concept handles millions of orders annually.

Partner: The Agents (SE)



Bolia.com presents a visual and intuitive online shop consisting of beautiful images, engaging videos, and easy-to-use navigation. The website features over 500,000 different products and product variants, and is the sales hub for online shoppers, stores and retailers around the world.

Partner: Vertica (DK)




Apoteket.se has a clear and easy-to-follow information structure and visual experience. The website combines relevant guides and product recommendations, which makes the purchase process easier and increases visitor engagement.

Partner: Valtech (SE)




Lyko.se has created a fast and mobile-first shop to engage their customers. The site is available under all network conditions due to a revolutionary technology that caches parts of the content. Lyko uses behavioral data to create personal experiences and targeted campaigns for users.

Partner: Avensia (SE)

Lead Generation



Scandic.se is a customer-centric and user friendly website with clear calls to action that remove friction and create an engaging customer journey. The website supports Scandic’s business with an annual turnover of SEK 2 billion. 

Partner: Valtech (SE)



Hyresgästföreningen has successfully built a new website that puts their members in focus. New members have increased by 33% since the launch of the new website, and visitors are staying longer and browsing more pages during each visit.

Partner: nearU (SE)


Moderna Försäkringar


Moderna Försäkringar has successfully designed a website with their customer journey in focus. Visitors can easily find the right product, the right price and sign up. With continuous optimization they use their website as a true lead generator. 

Partner: Esatto (SE)

Service & Support


Nacka Kommun


Nacka kommun’s news website provides sophisticated ways of sharing information and personalized experiences. The platform delivers a much higher level of service for both Nacka residents and employees of the county.

Partner: NetRelations (SE)



Internetbank (login @ https://www.santanderconsumer.se)

Customers of Internetbank now have full bank services in their phones. The bank’s service is always open and gives a clear view of account balances, credit cards and loans. Users can activate and disable credit cards instantly, without contacting customer support.

Partner: Knowit (SE)



The new Hoas website is based on a customer-centric, mobile-first approach. It successfully provides a great customer experience for students, enabling them to complete the tasks they came to do with as little effort as possible

Partner: Innofactor Plc (FI)


These contestants are out of public voting, and the winner Best Intranet will be presented at the event.

Södertörns fjärrvärme

The new intranet of Södertörns fjärrvärme enables high levels of engagement, with social functions such as comments and likes. Using personalized dashboards and widgets, employees can quickly access relevant information and work more efficiently.

Partner: Cloud nine (SE)


Läkemedelsverket has built an intranet that puts the user at the center, including a personal look and feel and broad content customization options. With a single click, employees can quickly see important information targeted to them.

Partner: Consid (SE)



The Swedish parliament has successfully built an efficient and highly used intranet, which is available everywhere and is based on roles. Structured around tasks, employees can work more effectively wherever there are.

Partner: Creuna (SE)