Move up to the Digital Experience Cloud

The Digital Experience Cloud, which converged the best of both the Episerver and Ektron solutions, plus a lot of brand new capabilities into one cohesive platform, is available to you today. Building on the robust and modern foundation of Episerver, we have added Ektron’s most powerful and useful features including the Digital Experience Hub™ (DXH), a new architectural approach to eSync and Instant Templates (formerly known as PageBuilder Master Layouts).

In the converged platform, you will also find Episerver’s user-friendly and super productive one-screen interface, where marketers, merchandisers, and content authors can intuitively and efficiently work and collaborate around content, products, assets and layout – all in one place.

To help make your transition from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud a seamless one, we have compiled several resources including:

  • A ‘Make the Move’ guide, available for download below, for Ektron customers explaining platform differences, best practices, answers to frequently asked questions and other considerations for moving from Ektron to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud
  • A reference list of Ektron and Episerver partners who have experience working with both platforms as well as the Digital Experience Cloud, which converges the two
  • A kit consisting of sample code that illustrates how content may be transferred between the two platforms for technical users
  • 3rd party tools, such as Kapow and Siteport, that can help ease the burden of content transfer by reducing the effort needed to move and map the content, and keep it in sync to minimize any content freeze requirements
  • Expert Services Solution Accelerator packages that include full assessment, sizing and advice as well as technical services to make the move as seamless as possible, for use side-by-side with partner implementation and/or re-design services

Contact your Episerver Account Manager today for more information and/or to get started planning your move up to the Digital Experience Cloud.

Phone: +1 603 594 0249


Download Our Guide 'Move to Episerver'