The Digital Marketing Conference

Episerver Ascend

Episerver Ascend 2018 is over but we are already looking forward for the next year. Please check back later for details on Ascend 2019.

What's Episerver Ascend?

Episerver Ascend is series of annual user conferences for digital marketers, developers, and commerce leaders held in various locations accross the globe.

Ascend features hands-on labs, customer led presentations, and industry expert discussions.

Get a feeling of what the Episerver Ascend is with the Acend Benelux 2018 after movie.


Who should attend?

  • Marketer

    Be motivated and inspired by how some of today's leading brands are using Episerver to create competitive advantage. Learn about full range of marketing topics such as mobile, social, SEO and personalisation.

  • Developer

    Be the first to see exclusive previews for newly announced product releases, updates and APIs. Attend hands-on product labs and training with our product experts and EMVPs.

  • Merchandiser

    Learn why experience-driven commerce is your only chance against Amazon. Find out how to differentiate your brand with customer-centric experience. Scale your content personalisation/product recommendation effort.

  • Tech Leader

    See how to create a technology roadmap to support your organisation's digital transformation program. Learn the difference between cloud deployment strategies and what's best for your organisation Ensure data security and compliance.

  • Business Leader

    Get exclusive access to the Episerver senior management team. Attend Leadership roundtable and lunches. Listen to analyst keynotes on the latest digital marketing and commerce trends that you need to know lead and realign your organisation for growth, and much more!

  • Ektron Customer

    Preview of new products such as Episerver Campaign for omnichannel campaign orchestration and Advance for content personalisation. Learn best practice for digital and social marketing. Get expert advice from our product specialists on how to evolve your digital platform to meet customer needs.